Freshdesk is an online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support with all smart automations to get things done faster. With the Wildix integration, it is possible to reach even more advantage of combining both CRM and VoIP solutions.

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<span class="page-title-pdf">Freshdesk Integration - User Guide - English</span>

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This guide will lead you through the process of Freshdesk integration usage, starting from an installation, and ending with practical examples for call receiving. 


Created: July 2019

Updated: February 2020


  • Click-to-call working on "Contacts" and "Tickets" pages

  • Incoming and outgoing call popup
  • Auto-detect existing contact and redirect to its page
  • Creating a new contact via the sidebar
  • Show Freshdesk About field in the pop-up

Link to the application

The integration is now available for direct download from the Freshdesk marketplace!

Setup the Integration as Freshdesk App

Setup the Freshdesk App

One last thing is to insert your API key. You can discover your key in your Profile Settings. Just press on your avatar in the top-right corner. In the sidebar on the right, you will find the API Key

Finish the installation process by copy your API key from the setting page and past it to the sidebar of the installer.  

Application Usage

Keep Collaboration open while working with Freshdesk

The Integration placed in two places:

Make a Call

Keep Collaboration open while working with the application

Making a Call Using Click-to-Dial

You can not call contacts without a phone number. The application recognizes both Work phone and Mobile phone fields from the Freshdesk.

  1. Locate the number that you want to dial in a Сontact or Ticket pages.
  2. Click the call button or the number. The number is automatically dialed in the softphone (Collaboration application).
  3. Pop-up now shows contact info: name and phone number. And you'll receive a notification about an outgoing call in the top-right corner.

Answer a Call

Keep Collaboration open while working with the application

You can tell that you have an incoming call if you see a flashing red button near your tab name on the browser. It also plays the ringtone. You should also receive a notification in the top-right corner

Details about the call, if any, are displayed just above the Answer button, and typically include:

To answer an incoming call, press the green button in the pop-up.

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