The document describes how to connect and configure W02FXS 2018 Media Gateway. 

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<span class="page-title-pdf">W02FXS 2018 Quick Installation Guide</span>
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The Document describes how to connect and configure W02FXS Media Gateway. 

FXS Gateways Datasheet: Media Gateways Datasheet

Other FXS Media Gateways Guides: 

Created: April 2019


Overview and LED indicators

02FXS Overview

1- DC 12V power supply (optional, WMP code: PS-12V2A)

2 - WAN/ PoE port 

3 - LAN port

4 - FXS port 1

5 - FXS port 2

6 - FXS 1 LED  indicator

7 - FXS 2 LED indicator

8 - Power indicator: shows power supply status 

9 - Running indicator: indicates network registration status

10 - Reset button

LED indicators description

Indicator DefinitionStatusDescription
PWRPower indicatorOn

The device is powered on


There is no power supply or power supply is abnormal

RUNRunning indicatorSlow flashing

The device is running normally

Fast flashing

SIP registration is successful


The device is running improperly

FXS 1/ FXS 2FXS In-use indicatorsOn 

FXS port is currently occupied by a call


FXS port is idle or faulty

WAN/PoE/ LANNetwork indicatorsGreen flashing

The device is properly connected to network


The device is not connected to network or the connection is improper

Installation and network connection

Note: W02FXS 2018 is a wall-mounted Media Gateway.

Network connection

The Gateway works in two network modes: Route and Bridge modes. 

LAN port is configured in Bridge mode and WAN port is set up as a DHCP Client. Connect one of two ports to the same network as the PBX or an external DHCP server (for instance, its router).

As soon as the DHCP server assigns an IP address to the Gateway, you can pass to the next step of the Gateway configuration.


Follow our Provisioning of Wildix devices - Admin Guide to provision the gateway.

For remote/ unreachable media gateways behind NAT/Firewall, follow our online Guide to remote provisioning.


Assign analog ports

Follow our online guide to assign the analog ports of the FXS gateway: Assign analog ports of FXS to users.

Set differentiated ringtones

W02FXS supports differentiated ringtones for internal/ external/ blacklist/ whitelist call classes.

Differentiated ringtones can be set in Dialplan. Add the following Dialplan applications for configuration:

Dialplan example:

Detailed information on Dialplan applications: Dialplan applications Admin Guide.

Factory reset

Control calls using Flash button

Read the document: How to control calls using Flash button on FXS Media Gateways.

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