The Guide explains how to upgrade existing Cloud, Hardware systems to WMS version 4.0 and how to deploy PBX as a Virtual Machine on WMS 4.0.

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<span class="page-title-pdf">Upgrade Cloud and Hardware PBXs to WMS 4.0; Deploy PBX as VM on WMS 4.0</span>

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The Guide explains how to upgrade existing Cloud, Hardware systems to WMS version 4.0 and how to deploy PBX as a Virtual Machine on WMS 4.0.

PBX Licensing and Activation:

Updated: April 2019



Before upgrading your PBX, make sure that WMP shows that the PBX is entitled to WMS 4.01, otherwise contact Wildix for the information on how to get a valid license.

Before proceeding, make sure that you have a backup of the existing system as all the configuration data will be lost during the upgrade.

Supported Systems: Per User WMS 3.XX PBXs with monthly, yearly or 5 year subscriptions. Lifetime per user systems bought  onwards.

Unsupported Systems: Per Service PBXs and Lifetime Per User PBXs, licenses for these PBXs must be regenerated.

Install or upgrade VM PBX

Important: Upgrade of existing Virtual Machines running WMS 3.XX is not supported. Existing user data and CDR must be copied manually to the new Virtual Machine if they were not saved on a separate virtual disk.


Any kind of VM hypervisor capable of importing OVF/OVA templates for deploying, is supported.

Recommended requirement for VM systems:
1vCPU, 2GB -> PBX managing up to 1000 users
2vCPU, 4GB -> PBX managing up to 5000 users
4vCPU, 6GB -> PBX managing up to 10000 users

Requirements may differ depending on the system usage (i.e. additional integrations, burst load, etc).


ovftool WMS_4.01_x64_20190111.ova WMS_4.01_x64_20190111.ovf
ovftool --maxVirtualHardwareVersion=11 wms_4_01_x64_20190215.ova wms_4_01_x64_20190215_v11.ova

To install the system, follow the official vendor documentation for your virtualization platform to start a Linux 64 bits Virtual Machine. 

Once the VM is installed, follow PBX Licensing and Activation Admin Guide and reactivate the existing licenses, upload the backup saved previously.

All the existing data (voicemails / recordings / CDR) stored on the old VM must be copied manually. Contact Wildix Support if help is needed during this procedure.

In case of old versions of VMware, there are two ways:

  1. Re-convert OVA template to OVF format, it provides access to 2 VM disk files (root and virtual usb-key) and then build virtual machine on any hypervisor with 2 disk files and run it
  2. Otherwise download OVF archive from here: 

Note: If you install the system using Hyper-V, download VHD archive from here:

Upgrade HW PBX 

  • Веfore the upgrade, remove all external USB storages
  • Backup is required before upgrading as all data (excluding USB stored date) will be deleted
  • Do not turn off the PBX during the upgrade


For example:

Preparing USB flash drive for upgrade/ restore of HW PBX

USB flash drive - 4GB or more; without any partitions that may prevent the booting process (MBR partitions in particular)

For upgrade/restore procedure, you need to prepare special USB flash drive:

This will irrevocably delete all files on your USB flash drive, so make sure you do not have any important files on the flash drive before doing this. Be absolutely sure that you are directing dd to the correct drive before executing.


Use Etcher GUI tool.

Mac OS

Use Etcher GUI tool or command line utility dd as below.

Run the following commands, replacing /dev/diskX with your drive, e.g. /dev/disk2. A USB device is normally auto-mounted in macOS, and you have to unmount (not eject) it before block-writing to it with dd:

# diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX
# dd if=PATH_TO_IMAGE of=/dev/rdiskX bs=1m


Run the following command, replacing /dev/sdX with your drive, e.g. /dev/sdb (Do not append a partition number, so do not use something like /dev/sdb1):

# dd if=PATH_TO_IMAGE of=/dev/sdX bs=512K status=progress oflag=sync


To deploy HW PBX, proceed with the following steps:

Once the system has started, follow PBX Licensing and Activation Admin guide and reactivate the existing licenses, upload the backup saved previously. Connect the existing USB storage and configure it if needed, DO NOT RE-INIT the storage as all data will be lost.

Deployment of HW PBXs with 32bit OS

Some HW PBXs with WMS 4.01 Version are based on 32-bit. Before upgrading or activating licenses on this PBX, you need to update it to the latest WMS Version based on 64-bit:

Note: After restoring the system, an error indicating the failure of updating from 32-bit to 64-bit may occur. To remove the error, activate PBX licenses.

After completing the procedure, you can proceed with PBX Licensing and Activation.

Activate or upgrade Cloud PBX

Add a new Cloud PBX

Note: Wait for approximately 3 minutes before proceeding. Your PBX will be activated. 

Upgrade you current Cloud PBX 

To upgrade your current Cloud PBX to WMS 4.01 version, proceed with the following steps:

Note: The migration can take up to 15 minutes. After it is completed, you will see the PBX version has changed.

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