This User Guide explains how to use Vision and Wildix Phone App.

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<span class="page-title-pdf">Vision User Guide - English</span>

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This User Guide explains how to use Vision and Wildix Phone App.

Other useful links:

HW Version:

Android app Version: 5.1.1

Created: June 2018

Updated: July 2020



  • It is not possible to create a new conference room from the App, it is only possible to enter a conference if you were invited
  • Codecs h.263 and h.263+ are no longer available

Vision Changelog:

Phone overview 

LED Indicator: New Voicemail / Incoming call / Missed call (blinking blue)

Keypad instruction:

Home screen:

1 – People (personal phonebook)

2 – Wildix Phone app

3 – Applications folder

4 – Chrome browser 

5 – Phone settings

6 – Notification drawer and status bar

First time login

Change language

Network connection


In case the phone has not received an IP address automatically, you can set up the Static IP:


Login to Wildix Phone application

Note: After the phone has booted, the Phone app opens automatically.

Use your Collaboration credentials to access the App:


You can either use Google/ Office 365 credentials for single sign-on.

Current limitation: Impossible to login to PBX via Google sign-on from the first attempt. It’s necessary to make a second try.

Go to App Settings -> Advanced -> Check for Updates. In case there is a new version available, follow the instructions on the screen to update.

Wildix Phone application

1 – Status

2 – Voicemail

3 – History

4 – Dialpad

5 – BLF Keys

6 – Chat

7 – Web application Integration (this menu becomes visible only if you have configured it in App Settings -> Advanced -> Integration URL). More details in Web application Integration

8 – Settings 

Note: You can swipe between the Phone app menu tabs by swiping with the finger on the phone screen to the right / to the left.


Tap user status to:


This menu allows you to:

You can also tap on a voicemail message to display the drop-down list: Call a user who left a message, Mark as read or Delete it.


This menu allows you to:

You can also tap and hold an entry to display the drop-down list: call the user, archive or delete the call.


This menu allows you to search for contacts in PBX phonebooks, place and manage calls.

Live search

Live search is performed in all the shared phonebooks; first colleagues that match the searched criteria are displayed, then phonebook contacts.

Start entering a number or a name into the Search field:

Place a call

Call management

1 – Hang up

2 – Hold / Resume

3 – Mute / Unmute

4 – Video

5 – Transfer

6 – Conference (in case there are more than one active calls)

7 – New call

Note: You can also use keypad buttons to mute/ unmute, hold/ resume, hang up and transfer. Refer to Phone overview.

Blind / Attended call transfer

1 – Tap for Attended transfer (call recipient is notified): new call starts, tap Transfer button again from Call window to complete the transfer
2 – Tap for Blind transfer (call recipient is not notified)
3 – Tap to cancel transfer

Blind / Attended call transfer via BLF keys

Transfer a call to a colleague / a call group configured as BLF key

BLF keys

Monitoring and management of colleagues and features.

Note: Max 120 elements can be added for monitoring (features and colleagues). Swipe on the screen to the left/to the right to move between the pages of Feature keys.

You can customize the size of the BLF keys in this menu in Phone App -> Settings > Advanced Settings “X keys per page”. (More info: Advanced Settings).

Configure BLF keys

BLF keys must be configured in Collaboration -> Settings -> Fn keys / or in WMS (more info: Collaboration User Guide).

Example of BLF keys configuration in Collaboration:

Supported BLF Keys


This menu allows you to:

You can disable / enable visual new chat messages notifications in Phone App Settings -> Advanced.

1 – Search field
2 – Tap to write a message, send a file, a photo (up to 100Mb) / Post-It
3 – Call

Note: You can also start a chat form live search results and History.

Important Post-It

Join Wizyconf Videoconference

It is impossible to start Wizyconf videoconference from Vision, you can only participate (you must be invited).

In order not to be distracted by calls received via Phone app, go to Phone App Settings -> Advanced -> Allow usage of other VoIP Apps = ON (in this case Phone app does not open automatically during an incoming call).

Web application Integration

Web application integration can be configured in App Settings -> Advanced -> Integration URL. It allows opening a web application inside Wildix Phone App.

You can also select the web application to be opened automatically in App Settings -> Advanced -> Default tab and specify timeout after which an application is automatically opened (the default timeout is 120 sec).


Personal and Call features for each Call class is synced with the PBX.

Personal and Account settings

Upload the ringtone

To upload your own audio file to Phone App:

Call features (Call forwarding, call waiting, mobility) for each call class 


Make sure Mobile number is entered in Settings -> Account -> Personal -> Mobile.

External / Blacklist / Whitelist

Same Features as for Internal class, in addition, this menu allows you to select the Ringtone for each Call Class.

Tap the Switch to activate the class, then you can change other settings.

Advanced Settings and Phone upgrades


Developer Settings


Check the information about Phone application and current version.

Appendix 1. Phone settings

Wireless & Networks

Scan for networks, view the list of available networks, add a new one.

Search for devices, view the list of paired devices, unpair devices, see the received files

Use DHCP or tick off “Use static IP” and enter the parameters manually

Select PC/ LAN Port Settings

Device (Display, Sounds, Storage, Apps, HDMI)


Sound & notification

Storage: all the information about memory usage

Apps: view and manage all the applications (allows you to force-quick Phone App: select Phone App from the list -> Force stop)

HDMI: allows you to enable HDMI, select the Resolution, adjust the Screen Zoom

Personal (Security, Accounts, Language, Backup&reset)

Security: enable screen lock, device administration, credentials storage


Language & input

Backup & reset: allows you to enable the backup and to set up the parameters for backup, and to restore the phone to the factory defaults

System (Date and time, Accessibility, Phone information)

Appendix 2. Supported Headsets and Speakerphone

Supported Headsets

Wildix Headsets compatible with Vision: monaural (WHS-MONO), binaural (WHS-DUO) and bluetooth (WHS-BT).

For connection of WHS-BT headset, read the guide: WHS, Mono|DuoLED, WelcomeConsole-EXT, WPEHS - Quick Start Guide.

Third-party headsets integrated with Wildix: Wildix Compatible Headsets – Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser, JPL.

Wizyconf-Voice speakerphone

To connect the Wizyconf-Voice speakerphone to Vision:

More information in Wizyconf-Voice Speakerphone User Guide and Wizyconf Datasheet, available on Wizyconf Videoconference Documentation.

Appendix 3. Integration with intercoms

Info on intercoms which are fully integrated with Wildix system:

User Guides on Integration with some Intercoms are available on Doorphone integrations.

Configuration of intercoms for sending video stream before answer and adding an unlock button: Intercoms integration with Wildix - Video before answer and Unlock button.

Appendix 4. Phone recovery


How to perform a factory reset:

Appendix 5. Sync of contacts

To be able to access your Wildix PBX corporate phonebooks from Vision, you need to set up CardDAV sync: CardDAV Sync of Contacts.

Appendix 6. Set up a Google account 

You can sync your phone with your Google account. It allows you to use Google Calendar and to download applications from Google Play Market.

Note: During the sign in process you are requested to choose which data you would like to sync.

Appendix  7. Use People menu

Customize personal phonebooks

Note: By tapping “Settings” you can choose to sort list and to view contact names by First name / Second name.

If you wish to select several phonebooks to display: tick off Customize and select the phonebooks to display:

Call a personal phonebook contact

The call starts right away from Wildix Phone application.

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