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Oct 28, 2021 07:32

teams4Wildix - Microsoft Phone System Setup Guide

This Guide describes the process of of Microsoft Phone System Setup.

Some other documentation be founded on teams4Wildix portal -> Services -> Teams -> Documents.

Created: July 2021



For the service activation, a partner needs to provide the following data via Customer care ticket:

  • Amount of users that require Mode 2 of the Integration (these users MUST have E3 + phone system license or E5 on Microsoft side)
  • Email of a customer's admin (who has admin rights in Microsoft domain). Multiple emails can be sent and set up

Create customers

Note: the steps described below are carried out by a partner.

Partners can add their customers on the portal create a customer:

  • Access the portal
  • Go to Accounts tab and click + Add account

  • Enter customer's Name and Primary Country. Under Subscriptions, you see the list of available active licenses according to the amount of users you provided previously
  • Click Add to save changes

Set up Microsoft Phone System

Note: the steps described below are carried out by a customer's admin.

To be able to make calls using Teams Dialpad, you need to set up the connection between your PBX and Office 365 tenant. For that, activate an account on

Step 1. Activate an account on teams4wildix portal 

Once you receive an invitation via email, click Accept Invitatioto access the portal

  • Go to Getting Started -> Prerequisites tab and click Check My Tenant:

  • Select Microsoft account with admin rights and the required licenses
  • If the account meets all the requirements, Tenant check is successful and you can click Next to go to the next step:

Step 2. Create PBX 

You are under PBX tab. To add your PBX, proceed with these steps:

  • 1 - Select Teams4Wildix from the available templates
  • 2 - Select your country from the list
  • 3 - Enter your PBX domain name
  • 4 - Check off Manage Teams Calling Policy
  • 5 - Select Prohibit Voicemail & Call Forwarding under Teams Voicemails
  • 6 - Select PBX Hold Music under Music On Hold
  • Click Add PBX

Step 3. Sync the portal with your MS account

You are under Teams tab. To sync teams4Wildix portal with your Microsoft account, follow these steps:

  • Click Enable Service 

  • Select the same MS account used in Step 1
  • Once the sync is active, click Next to go to Step 4

Sync may take up to 15 minutes

Step 4. Add users 

Important notes:

  • Use user extension (NOT usernames) as SIP Username and Auth Username
  • Use SIP password (NOT web password) as Password. To get SIP passwords, export user's data in WMS -> Users -> Export CSV. In the downloaded file, actual passwords can be found in column SipPassword

You are under Users tab now. To add users, follow these steps:

  • Click Add User
  • 1 - Select a User from 
  • 2 - SIP Username and 
  • 3 - Auth Username -
  • 4 - Password - enter user SIP password 
  • Click Add to create a user

Microsoft Phone System Usage

Note: This Mode allows also using Collaboration Plugin Mode.

To place calls using Teams Dialpad, go to Calls tab and click Dial a number. To control an active call (put it on pause/ resume, transfer, etc), click More actions (three dots).

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