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Dec 04, 2020 18:11


Created: March 2020




Someone has called in and the call was missed, but we don’t know if anyone has called them back.


Check CDR-View data on all outgoing calls to see if the called number has called in previously and not been answered, then set a tag to say it’s been called back.

Incoming calls configuration

Edit the Dialplan procedure used for managing incoming calls ("main" in our example) by adding the following applications:

  • Set -> Tags
  • Set -> Caller name
  • Call group

Outgoing calls configuration 

Create a separate Dialplan procedure ("user callback" in our example)


  • Set -> FOO -> +44${EXTEN:1} - this is setting the variable FOO to the called number which the Dialplan reference later on when dialling the trunk
  • Custom application -> NoOp(ToNumber is +44${EXTEN:1}) - describes what number has been dialled in connocial with + format
  • Custom application -> Set(CallCount=${SHELL(value=`sqlite3 /mnt/cdr/cdrdb "select count() from cdr where c_from = '+44${EXTEN:1}' and answer = '' and start > Datetime('now' ,'localtime','-60 minutes');"` && echo $value)}): | Queries CDR to find out if the number called has called in previously within the last 60 minutes and has not been answered.
  • Set(LastTag=${SHELL(value=`sqlite3 /mnt/cdr/cdrdb "select lastdata from cdr where c_from = '+44${EXTEN:1}' and answer = '' and start > Datetime('now' ,'localtime','-60 minutes');"` && echo $value)}): | Checks what the last tag was against the missed call within the last 60 seconds
  • NoOp(CallCount is ${CallCount}) | describes the result if the called number had called in within the last 60 minutes and not been answered
  • NoOp(LastTag is ${LastTag:5}) | describes what the last tag against that missed call was
  • Jump to if - ${CallCount} > 0 - | checking to see if the outbound called number has called in previously and the call was missed then jumping to set a tag and dial the trunk
  • Dial the trunk - if the called number is not being returned from a missed call carry on calling without setting tag


  • Set -> Tags -> ${LastTag:5},Callback - sets a tag against the outbound leg of the call with the initial tag appended from the original missed call.
  • Dial the trunk -> ${FOO} - use initial variable set which to dial the trunk with the initial called number.

CDR Report Example 

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