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Jul 30, 2021 03:40

Guestline Integration with Wildix PBX

The following Document will guide you through setting up Wildix with Guestline / Rezlynx integration. The scripts will allow for housekeeping statuses to be updated through dialling a Feature code. The purpose of the integration is to enable housekeeping within hotels to be able to set room statuses (Clean or Dirty) by dialling a code followed by the room number. Other statuses can be used such as minibar, check-in, check out but would require some editing to the scripts / Dialplans.

Created: October 2019


Details to obtain

To integrate Wildix with Guestline RezLynx, you must first obtain the following information:

  • SiteID
  • InterfaceID
  • OperatorCode
  • Password

SiteID and InterfaceID can be obtained directly by the customer, the OperatorCode and Password needs to be obtained from Guestline / Rezlynx support team. Please see below contacts to get relevant information

These information will be supplied to you by your Guestline representative.

Download PHP script

The PHP script can be installed from here:

Install pear

Access your PBX via SSH as root with the following commands:

php go-pear.phar
pear install HTTP_Request2

Install scripts

  • Move ‘scriptclean’ to this directory: /var/www/scripts
  • Edit permissions of script:
chown wms /var/www/scripts/scriptclean.php
chmod -R 777 /var/www/scripts/scriptclean.php
chmod -R 777 /var/www/scripts

Configure Dialplan

Users must dial # followed by the room number for the room to be updated in guestline to clean. 

User must dial 6 followed by the room number to set the room as dirty.

Plan upgrades

Currently, pear is uninstalled after each PBX upgrade.

Pre-plan PBX upgrades take into consideration you will need to install pear after.

From terminal: 

php go-pear.phar
pear install HTTP_Request2

Technical resources

Guestline API Portal provides the following APIs that can be integrated:

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