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Dec 02, 2020 02:56

How to notify callers of call recording

The feature is used to inform callers that their call is going to be recorded from now on and give the file ID at the end of the recording. custom audio notifications upon call recording activation/ deactivation.

Created: November 2018


Dialplan configuration

Step 1. Create a separate Dialplan procedure

To add custom audio notifications informing on call recording, you need to create a new Dialplan procedure record_notify”.

Step 2. Add called numbers

Add called numbers "start" and "stop",


  • "start" is used to notify callers when call recording is activated
  • "stop" is used to notify callers the file ID when call recording is deactivated

Step 3. Add strings via Custom applications

Apply the following strings via Custom applications:


  • Playback(Some notification about recording); - a specific audio file is played back to a caller when call recording is activated


  • Answer()
  • Wait(2); set a period of time to be waited before executing the next application
  • SayDigits(${RECID}); - a recording ID is pronounced digit by digit when call recording is deactivated
  • Hangup();  

Example of Dialplan configuration

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