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Jan 18, 2021 19:53

W02/04BRI pre 2020 - Quick Installation Guide - English

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The steps below help you to connect and configure your BRI gateway. W02BRI and W04BRI pre 2020 are ISDN VoIP media gateways that offer respectively 4 or 8 voice channels.

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Updated: June 2015


Connection to power supply (old generation models without PoE)

Connect the gateway using the power supply and the cable provided with the gateway, as it is shown on the picture:

Connection to Ethernet

The network port is situated on the rear panel of the gateway, marked as “Network”. It is used as a WAN port and configured in the DHCP client mode.

Connect the cable as it is shown on the picture:

  • The gateway should be connected via Ethernet cable to the same network as the PBX or an external DHCP server (for instance its Router)
  • As soon as the DHCP server assigns an IP address to the gateway, you can pass to the next step of the gateway configuration

You should connect to the PBX in order to configure the gateway

  • In case the PBX is used as a DHCP server, the gateway is detected on the network automatically
  • In case an external DHCP server is used, check the list of the active leases to detect the IP address assigned to the gateway

Connection to the line

On the rear panel of the BRI gateway, there are from one to four ports marked as "Bri1 – Bri4". Connect your Bri lines to these ports, as it is shown on the picture below:

Provisioning and configuration of the gateway

For auto-provisioning of BRI gateway, follow our online Guide.

For remote/unreachable media gateways behind NAT/Firewall, follow our online Guide to remote provisioning.

Firmware upgrade

Starting from WMS v. 5.01.20200508.1, PRI media gateways are directly upgraded via internet connection to or custom server defined in WMS Settings -> Tools and utilities -> Upgrade -> Custom firmware server.

  • Media gateway must have access to the Internet to get a new firmware
  • If there is no Internet access and media gateways provisioned to HW/ VM PBX, enable the option Enable routing eth0 in WMS Settings -> System -> Network

Starting from BRI firmware version 44.1.1605 and higher, upgrade is performed via single firmware (binary) file. If you have media gateways with version 42.2.XXX and lower, proceed with the following steps: 

  1. Manually upgrade devices to version 43.1.1264 (steps are described in this Guide)
  2. Within half an hour, media gateways are automatically updated to the latest firmware version 45.1.1870 

Otherwise, skipping the upgrade to 43.1.1264 can lead to infinite transferring of configuration scripts.

Reset of the gateway

In case you need to reconfigure the BRI gateway, you should perform a reset procedure, as shown on the picture. The switch marked as “Reset/Default” is situated on the rear panel of the gateway.

  • Use the paper clip or the object of the similar shape to press the button
  • Hold the button until all the LEDs of the gateway stop blinking and remain turned on (circa 10 seconds)
  • Release the button and wait for the reboot of the gateway

In case the LEDs remain turned on for more than one minute after the reset procedure, disconnect the power supply and repeat the reset procedure when the device starts.

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