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1 - DC 12V power supply (optional, WMP code: PS-12V2A)

2 - FXO ports 1-4

3 - WAN/ PoE port 



Note: W04FXO 2020 is a wall-mounted Media Gateway.

Network connection

The Gateway works in two network modes: Route and Bridge modes. 

LAN port is configured in Bridge mode and WAN port is set up as a DHCP Client. Connect one of two ports to the same network as the PBX or an external DHCP server (for instance, its router).

As soon as the DHCP server assigns an IP address to the Gateway, you can pass to the next step of the Gateway configuration.


W04FXO has two kinds of work mode: route and bridge:

  • when it is set to route mode, it works as a small router and NAT function has enabled. In this situation, WAN port is normally connected to uplink router/ switch, LAN port used to connect local computer or other network device (such as Ethernet switches, Hubs etc)
  • when it is set to bridge mode, WAN and LAN port are the same. It just works as Ethernet switch. When it set to bridge mode, you only need to configure WAN port IP address and DNS. If you set it to route mode, default LAN port IP is displayed and it can be change by users


Follow our Provisioning of Wildix devices - Admin Guide to provision the gateway.