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Basic Authentication API access is disabled for admin users (API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#section/Authentication)

Admin users can apply PHP HTTP client library for S2S authentication:

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200612.2 Date: 12 June 2020


[WMS-9126] - sys: fixed an issue with BLF keys "Line" not working in WMS Network

[WMS-9154] - dev: fixed an issue when WP phones connected to HW/ VM PBX couldn't get firmware 

[WMS-9163] - sys: fixed no media issue on WP phones connected to Cloud PBX if UDP or TCP was set as SIP Transport via custom provisioning parameter

[WMS-9176] - wms: fixed JSON Web Token validation error during S2S authentication

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200605.5 Date: 05 June 2020