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Basic Authentication API access is disabled for the admin user (API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#section/Authentication)

Admin users can apply PHP HTTP client library for S2S authentication:

WMS Beta 5.02.20210106.3 Date: 11.01.2021


[WMS-10339] - sys: added parameter allowing WelcomeConsole/ WP490 users with configured BLF “Colleague” not to receive updates for status changes of “call all 10/ 32” call groups members

Previously users who had many BLF keys configured for call group members received too many status updates in case of calls to groups with the strategy “Call All”.


If feature is enabled, default devices mask is:

Code Block
modparam("pv", "varset", "device_presence_skip_event_dialog=s:(Wildix WP490GR[3|4])")

It It can be changed in /etc/kamailio/cfg.d/host_specific_custom.cfg.


[WMS-10215] - sys: fixed an issue with no audio for 10 seconds after answering a call from BRI/ PRI gateway and transferring it to user with mobility

[WMS-10343] - sys: fixed an issue with SIP trunk being not correctly deleted leading to incorrect trunk matching

[WMS-10380] - sys: fixed an issue with no audio/ one way audio for calls answered by the pbx (e.g. ivr or dialplan rule), which involved a device that doesn’t support “refer” (fxo/ fxs gateway)

WMS Beta Hotfix Date: 04.01.2021