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  1. Two-factor authentication: you can enable 2 factor authentication (2FA), which adds an extra layer of security to your account. In case you enable it, you will have to provide two pieces of information each time you login: your login and password + the code generated by an external application of your choice (Google Authenticator, Windows Authenticator, Free OTP or other). Read more in chapter Two-factor authentication (2FA)

  1. Web Push: enable/ disable web push notifications (only for Chrome browser). This option is enabled by default for new users:


  1. Integration service (WiService): this component is required by CDR-View, Popup App and adds support for additional features (separate documentation about WIService):

    1. Mac OS X: call generation by clicking on a web page link containing a phone number (support of “sip:”, “wildix:” URI)

    2. Mac OS X: call generation by right-clicking on a phone number and selecting Services -> Call with Wildix PBX:  

      PDF: Avoid Page Break

    3. Windows: URI support; call via shortcut (Dialing hot key, configured in Collaboration Settings -> Personal Collaboration User Guide#Personal), headset support (starting from WIService v 3.2.2) Note: WiService for Windows requires .NET Framework v.4.0