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[WMS-10189] - app: WiService 3.1.4 (macOS) adds auto-update option

  • Added the dialog "Keep Wildix Integration Service up to date" to the installer which appears in case auto-update is disabled or not configured yet


  • Auto-update starts every day at a random time between 1 AM and 6 AM, or right after the computer starts or wakes up from sleep mode



[WMS-9502] - sys: fixed an issue in which recording of an incoming call started via Diaplan stopped after being transferred to a mobile number


New firmwares for WP480 r3 v., WP490 r3, WorkForce v., WelcomeConsole v.

[AKV-3] - dev: added support for Wi-Fi dongle (available in 2021) on Workforce phones

Documentation already available:

[AKV-10] - dev: fixed an issue in which a BLF key containing a user name "Held" for German users was translated into "Gehalten" during active calls