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WARNING: Option DHCP 176 is reserved for VLAN configuration of phones. If your DHCP server provides this option disable it or make sure it contains the right VLAN for the phones. 

WMS Stable Version 4.01.44034.20 Date: 03.06.2019

New Features

[WMS-5947] – app: Headset integration v. 2.6.1 (Windows) adds support for:

  • Jabra Dial 550 handset (requires WiService v. 2.9.16, WMS-6234):
    • Supported features:
      • possibility to place / answer / hang up a call
      • possibility to switch between handsfree and handset mode
  • Sennheiser SDW 5 BS-EU Headset

[WMS-6136] - wizy: added support for Wizyconf in WMS

Documentation is coming later on.

[WMS-6331] - api: added API to get / add / remove dynamic members for Call groups

Available API endpoints:

  •  GET /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/ - list of call groups
  •  GET /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/:id/ - single call group/ a list of members (static + dynamic)
  •  POST /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/:id/members/dynamic/ - add a dynamic member / device
  •  DELETE /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/:id/members/dynamic/:member/ - remove a dynamic member / device from a call group

Note: For DELETE query in parameter ":member" it is necessary to encode special charsets to URI format. For example: "Local%2F22%40internalcalls"

Current limitation: impossible to add members to a Call group with "Call All 32" strategy

Documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/doc/index.html#tag/Call-Queue

[WMS-6234] – app: WIService v. 2.9.16 (Windows) adds support for Jabra Dial 550 handset


[WMS-6116] - wms: it is now impossible to have the same phone number as "Office" and "Mobile"

[WMS-6208] - dev: custom configuration of DaySaver LAN port is now allowed

[WMS-6239] - dev: implemented support for HD codecs on WP480 r3, WP490 r3 

Note: it is necessary to activate the codecs on your PBX (refer to the documentation

[WMS-6321] - col: chat input options are now hidden when entering text in Collaboration chat session

[WMS-6424] - api: improvement for PBX APIs Candidates and GET /iOS/Config/:

  • Disabled returning of local and public IP candidates for Cloud PBXs, only PBX domain name is returned 


[WMS-6030] - col: fixed an issue with a call being not displayed in History of a transferor after completing a blind transfer in Collaboration

[WMS-6280] - col: fixed an issue in which slash symbols "/" were added to Popup URL configured in Settings -> Personal after re-login to Collaboration/ Native App

[WMS-6318] - dev: fixed an issue with "Key/Display" page being not displayed on the web interface of WP480G/490G r3, WelcomeConsole if any language except of English was set

[WMS-6347] - dev: fixed an issue in which a caller name was not fully displayed on WP480G/ 490G r3, WelcomeConsole when receiving or answering a call

[WMS-6389] -  sys: fixed an issue in which Failover activation returned errors while executing sync_pbx script

[WMS-6443] - wms: fixed an issue in which "Halt" option couldn't be used to power off Hardware/ Virtual PBXs

Note: "Halt" was renamed to "Power Off".

[WMS-6455] - col: fixed an issue with chat history not working in case of no free space on CDR partition when using DB different from SQLite

[WMS-6458] - fixed an issue in which DaySaver could send duplicated SMS if it failed to be sent at the first attempt

[WMS-6466] - fixed an issue in which only Call group members dynamically added via BLF "Contact center" received calls from a queue

New Firmwares

New firmware for WP480G r3 version, WP490G r3 version, WelcomeConsole version

[WMS-5960] - dev: fixed an issue with unexpected restart of WP480G/ 490G r3 under high call load

[WMS-6274] - wms: added a new ACL "Can/ cannot use - advanced phone settings menu" on WP480G r3, WP490G r3, WelcomeConsole

By default, ACL is disabled. If enabled, users have no access to "Menu -> Network" and "Menu -> Autoprovision" settings

[WMS-6291] - dev: added WelcomeConsole USB Headset support 

  • audio supported by most models 
  • WHS-MONO / WHS-DUO support mute / volume / call control 
  • Jabra 360 / 370 and models using standard USB signaling support call control

New firmware for W-AIR, W-AIR-SB version 450b8

[WMS-6035] - dev: fixed an issue with random drop of outgoing calls made via W-AIR Headset in Collaboration

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43971.21 Hotfix Date: 27.05.2019


WMS Stable Version 4.01.43971.20 Date: 20.05.2019




[WMS-6282] - sys: added a new Feature code "Pause recording" *2 to pause/ resume call recordings during a call


Error beep is played in case users try to stop the recording. 


[WMS-6119] - col: fixed an issue with impossibility to use phonebooks in Collaboration after importing due to incorrect conversion of some Unicode symbols to UTF-8


WMS Stable Version 4.01.43940.17 Date: 06.05.2019

New Features

[WMS-5927] - sys: improvements for ESPA Monitor and the possibility to make configuration for non ESPA systems


Suomi can be set as user's language in Collaboration.


[WMS-6082] - col: added letters to DTMF dialpad in Collaboration


[WMS-6273] - col: improved displaying of the latest installed version of Collaboration extensions: "Installed" is now displayed instead of "Re-install"


[WMS-6102] - app: Screen Sharing component v. 3.2.5 (Windows) fixes an issue with screen sharing freezing after a period of time


To view: access Collaboration -> Other (top menu) -> click "About 4.01.xxxxx.xx" to open Software License Agreements page


[WMS-4866] - wms: added support for Spanish and American Spanish languages


Note: To activate sound notifications in Collaboration, click on the notification


[WMS-5796] - sys: fixed an issue in which a newly created user added to a Call Group was not set on pause for the duration of wrap-up time after completing a call


WMS Stable Version 4.01.43820.12 Date: 08.04.2019


[WMS-5912] - dev: added the possibility to change the default PIN code for W-AIR SB


[WMS-6168] - wms: only one URL based on PBX domain/ serial is now sent in welcome message to newly created users for accessing Collaboration on HW/ VM PBXs


[WMS-5649] - col: fixed an issue when it was impossible to transfer a call received from a user who called via "Mobility extension lookup" 


Note: to disable this behavior, add ACL “Can use voicemail without pin code”


[WMS-5952] - sys: improved mobile apps call push notifications delivery in case of multiple SIP registrations


Documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#operation/getPBXCallHistory


[WMS-5961] - sys: fixed an issue when it was impossible to send DTMF via Collaboration if a call was placed from WP600 pre 2015


WMS Stable Version 4.01.43713.08 Date: 01.03.2019

New features

[WMS-2633] - sys: re-design of telephony part of the Kite service and allow calls from Collaboration to Kite users


Documentation on remote provisioning:


[WMS-3722] - wms: refactoring and redesign of FAX/SMS server page