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Upgrade to WMS 4.02/ 4.03 from earlier versions - Requirements:

  1. Reload Collaboration tab or restart Native App after the upgrade
  2. If you have previously downloaded and integrated WebAPI JavaScript Library, you need to update it manually to ensure the compatibility with the new Presence Server (ref. ticket WMS-6656):
  3. Make sure you have min. supported app versions to guarantee the compatibility with the new version of Presence Server:
    • iOS app - v. 7.6.35421
    • Android app - v. 4.05.22
    • Vision/ SuperVision - v. 2.15.18
    • WP600A/ wp600ACG - v. 2.8.97


WMS 4.04 Stable upgrade becomes gradually available in different regions/ countries, according to the following schedule:

  • October 12: upgrade available for the PBXs related* to the UK, India, Estonia, Finland, Australia, the Netherlands
  • October 14: United States, Canada
  • October 16: Germany, Austria, Switzerland 
    • October 17 (at night): weekly auto-upgrade available for all the countries listed above
  • October 19: Italy
  • October 21: France, Belgium, Spain
    • October 24 (at night):weekly auto-upgrade available for all the countries listed above
  • October 28 (at night): monthly auto-upgrade available for all the countries

*based on the Wildix sales manager assigned to the Partner (and not on the physical location of the system/ customer)

WMS Stable Version 4.04.45314.40 Date: 12.10.20202020 


IMPORTANT: This version is available only for PBXs related to the countries according to the schedule (see above)!


[WMS-9662] - dev: the max number of W-AIR base stations in W-AIR Network is now set automatically if there are >50 base stations or more

[WMS-9816] - api: security improvements for Zoho integration

[WMS-9898] - app: new WiService version 3.0.5 (both macOS and Windows) includes:

  • minor performance and stability improvements
  • fix for Fax Printer component when its version wasn't displayed after update
  • new design for a tray icon W that fixes an issue with its invisibility on Dark themes


[WMS-9703] - sys: fixed an issue in which "migrate2cloud" script failed to migrate chats and CDR data from SQLite DB

[WMS-9847] - sys: fixed one way audio issue after answering a call in Collaboration with enabled mobility

[WMS-9852] - sys: fixed an issue with incorrect behaviour of presence status monitoring feature on WP phones when BLF keys stopped displaying presence statuses of monitored users

New Firmwares

New firmware for W04FXO r3 v. 27811011

[WMS-9672] - dev: W04FXO r3 performance optimization

New firmware for WorkForce v.

[WMS-9787] - dev: fixed an issue in which WorkForce stopped working after setting a Static IP using the previous firmware v.

WMS Stable Version 4.04.45299.38 Date: 24.09.2020