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composedTitleWMS Stable Changelog rel40
titleWMS Stable Changelog rel40

WMS 4.0X changelog: all the latest features, improvements and fixes.
Update repository: rel40

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[WMS-7399] - col: added possibility to select several dial-in videoconference numbers and save them as preferred

Documentation: Ubiconf Videoconference User Guide.

[WMS-7546] - sys: improved SIP blacklist protection


  1. Conferences created in the last hour and unscheduled ones
  2. Scheduled conferences for the present (now) and future
  3. Unscheduled conferences
  4. Conferences scheduled in the past

Documentation: Ubiconf Videoconference User Guide


[WMS-6908] - sys: added support for Direct DTLS-SRTP between Web phones


  • added Exit icon to leave a conference room for participants (Collaboration top menu -> Video conference window)
  • added alert notifications before exiting or deleting a conference room including all contents

Updated documentation: Ubiconf Videoconference User Guide.

[WMS-7207] - sys: improved the speed of chat message delivery via push notifications


  • Conference name is empty by default
  • Hovering over a scheduled conference (calendar icon) allows displaying its time

Updated documentation: Ubiconf Videoconference User Guide.

[WMS-6936] - sys: added Feature code "Identity" 78 to change the current identity of a number