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titleHow Wildix interacts with ENUM

The Document describes how to configure and execute ENUM lookup on Wildix PBX.


Add the following Dialplan applications:

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  1. Authenticate user 
  2. Set -> Caller number
  3. Custom application -> Set(DESTINATION=${ENUMLOOKUP(+39${EXTEN},sip,c,1,1,}


    • <ENUMLOOKUP> - the function that executes the lookup in
    • <+39> - the country code
    • <> - your ENUM server
  4. Custom application -> GotoIf($["${DESTINATION}" != "1"]?callsNotEnum,${EXTEN},1) 

    It is executed in case a phone number is not present in ENUM database

  5. Custom application -> Dial(SIP/MySIPTrunk/+39${EXTEN} 


    • <MySIPTrunk> - a number that is dialed in case ENUMLOOKUP function is not executed because a lookup number is not present in ENUM database
  6. Trunk group -> route calls through the specified trunk group