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Support for remote call answer / hangup and volume control from headset via USB connector on Windows. Supported Wildix Headset: WHS-BT (only with USB dongle from Jabra / Plantronics / Sennheiser); Supported 3rd party headsets matrix: Wildix Compatible Headsets - Jabra, Plantronics, EPOS Sennheiser, JPL, Axtel.

MSI file for Windows:

Outlook Integration

Features: Outlook calendar sync with Collaboration, user presence, pictures sync with Outlook, click2call, IM, call popup, caller name lookup, live search in outlook contacts, URL to create / edit contact during a call. Documentation and videos: Outlook integration for Microsoft Windows.


Silent installation mode

  • To set the silent installation mode, run the command: 

    Code Block
    msiexec /i "WIService.msi" wiserviceSilentMode=true

  • To reset the silent installation mode, run the command: 

    Code Block
    msiexec /i "WIService.msi" wiserviceSilentMode=false


To enable the option, tick off the box "Keep Wildix Integration Service up to date" when completing WIService setup. Windows Task Scheduler checks for updates every day at 01:00-06:00 or after starting PC. If a new version is available, it downloads a new installation package and runs it in silent mode.

You can also pass enableAutoupdate parameter during installation via cmd:

Code Block
msiexec /i WIService.msi enableAutoupdate=true/false /qn


  • enableAutoupdate=true (enabled) / false (disabled)
  • wiserviceSilentMode=false

If wiserviceSilentMode is set to true, auto update is not started up.

TAPI Driver

TAPI driver provides computer telephony integration and enables PCs running Microsoft Windows to manage calls and use other telephone services of a Wildix PBX. DocumentationTAPI driver.