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This guide is intended for the following audience:

  • PBX administrator, since it explains how to configure Wildix Kite on PBX side
  • webmaster, since it provides the information on how to add the service to a company’s website

WMS version: 3.88

Updated: December 2018April 2019



  • 1 – Transfer chat to another PBX user
  • 2 – Send chat transcript to two email addresses (Operator email/ Customer email)
  • 3 – Close chat


Note: On WMS 4.01 PBX user can initiate a call and videoconference with Kite user (available only in WMS 4.01). 

Kite user can initiate a call, start video streaming or desktop sharing with the PBX user using the icons situated in the upper part of the screen, click the Paperclip icon to send a file or simply drag the file into the input field (support to send files only in JPEG / PDF format), click Options to:


  • End chat (log out)
  • Send chat transcript to email
  • Make an audio echo test
  • Adjust call settings by changing audio output (available only for Chrome), microphone and webcam:

    PDF avoid Pagebreak

  • Change the language


Note: Kite user can resize video during streaming: 

  • Place mouse at the bottom of video block  -> mouse cursor should change to “Resize ()“
  • Hold and drag the video to the bottom/ top of the screen to increase/ decrease its size 


  • Right-click on video -> click Show Controls -> click Fullscreen button


  • Impossible to resize video in Screen Sharing embedded mode (separate screen sharing and chat/ video section)
  • Impossible to resize video on touch-screen devices

Create Kite link for Auto-call (call starts after clicking on Kite link)