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Make an HTTP POST/GET request with basic authorization (username/ password of the user who is the SMS sender) to http(s)://<PBX_IP_Address>/api/v1/orginateoriginate/sms.

In case a GSM gateway to be used for SMS sending is not specified in the command, the message is sent to a randomly chosen GSM gateway configured in the system.



Note: the same way you can send SMS using http SMS server. For this purpose, another PBX with a configured GSM trunk can be used.

How to configure:

  1. Go to WMS Settings -> System -> FAX/SMS server
  2. Check off Curl SMS send enabled option and configure the sending. For example, curl -k -X POST -u user:password --url "http://PBX IP Address/api/v1/originate/sms" --data-urlencode "number={TO_NUMBER}" --data-urlencode "message={MESSAGE}" 
  3. When making SMS API request http(s)://<PBX_IP_Address>/api/v1/orginateoriginate/sms via Custom application, use IP address of the PBX with a configured GSM trunk