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Some of these call features can be also activated in Collaboration -> Settings -> Features and in WP Features menu. For more information refer to Collaboration User Guide and WP4X0 VoIP Phones User Guide.

Status (DND/Away)



WMS version 4.0X: users are no longer allowed stopping/ starting a personal call recording if a system recording (started in Dialplan) is running

Pause recording


Default code: *2
Description: Code to pause/ unpause call recording during a call


  • Press *2 during a call to pause call recording; press it again to resume the call recording

 With With Dialplan variable USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING it is possible to restrict users from being able use using Feature Code "Pause recording" *2.

By default, users are allowed pausing/ resuming personal recording.

To add a restriction, use variable:

  • as Global Dialplan variable: go to WMS -> Dialplan -> General Settings -> Set dialplan variables and add "USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING=no"
  • via Dialplan apllication "Set" -> USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING -> no
  • via Dialplan application Custom application -> Set(USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING=no) 



Default code: *5
Description: Code to switch a call to another device
Usage: Press *5 during a call: other devices registered to your account start ringing allowing you to pick up the call from another device 


Default code: 82
Description: Dial by name feature allows you to enter a part of the a Colleague's name or surname for the search.
This feature is also available via Dialplan application “Dial by name”. Users can record their names via Service code Voicemail 81 (call 81, press 0 for mailbox options, then press 3 to record your name)

Dial by name: (user you are dialing must dialling must have his/ her name previously recorded):

  • Call 82 and follow the audio instructions to enter a part of a name or surname for the search

Note: Sarting from WMS version 3.86, the The feature is available for EN/ IT/ FR/ DE/ NL sound packages. So make Make sure one the sound packages is installed and the corresponding language selected as user language.