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  • PBX mode: select Server

  • MTU: specify the size of the largest protocol data unit that the can be passed on VPN (MTU = maximum transmission unit)

  • Login: set up the Login (must be the same on Server and Clients)

  • Password: set up the Password (must be the same on Server and Clients) 


    Note: starting from WMS 5.02.20201116.5, it is only possible to automatically generate credentials, without manual editing.

    Admin has to regenerate Server PBX credentials using Generate credentials option. After completing, update credentials also for all Client PBXs in WMS Network. If credentials are not updated, WMS Network will stop working starting from WMS v. 5.03.

Click Start to enable WMS Network:

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Client configuration:


VoIP phones reset and recovery: Press the central button of the Navigation keys and hold it for several seconds. For more details read the guide: How to perform reset and recovery of WP4X0 new generationSTART, WorkForce, WelcomeConsole, WP4X0 new generation.

Enable remote syslog on Wildix devices: WMS -> Devices, double click on a provisioned device to edit it and select “Syslog Server” (enter the address of the remote server; it is also possible to enable Remote Syslog without installation of a remote server). Refer to Remote Syslog Guide for detailed information.