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    • Model: select WPBX-CLOUD for Cloud / WPBX-VM/HW for Virtual or Hardware

    • Region (only for Cloud PBX): select the datacenter region

    • Name: PBX domain name by which your PBX is accessible via the browser; in the example provided below, the PBX can be accessed by URL

    • Expire: select the recurring billing period: monthly / yearly / lifetime (lifetime is not available for Cloud PBX)

    • PBX-BASIC / UC-Essential / UC-Business / UC-Premium / UC-Wizyconf / PBX-Service: add the number of users of each profile (more about each profile:

    • Storage size (only for Cloud PBX): increase Cloud instance storage size. Refer to this chapter for more details

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  • Connect to PBX via HTTPS to access WMS using credentials admin : wildix

  • Change admin user password:

    • Select admin user and click Set passwords

    • Generate or create a new WEB password, click Ok

  • Upgrade WMS to the latest stable release

    • go to WMS Settings -> Tools and utilities -> Upgrade

    • In case there is a new version available, click Perform Upgrade 

  • Copy PBX key from WMP:


    Only for Virtual and Hardware PBXs. Cloud PBXs are activated automatically (wait for approximately 3 minutes after completing Step 1).

    • go to Customers tab, select your company, then select the PBX that you have created (Step 1)

    • click the Copy icon (Copy PBX key to clipboard):


In case you are using WMS Network Sharing of licenses (described in chapter Share Per User Licenses between PBXs over WMS Network), the number of licenses will be counted only on the "Server" PBX in the WMS network


  1. Go to WMP -> Customers
  2. Select your company and customer
  3. Select the PBX -> click Edit
  4. Decrease the number of user licenses to zero
  5. Click Save and Ok to confirm the operation
  6. Select the PBX again and click Edit
  7. Change the expiration period (term of the license) 
  8. Add back user licenses
  9. Click Save and Ok to confirm the operation


If the Partner has made a mistake during the system activation, it has to be reported within 1 (one) business day, by sending an e-mail to the area manager with the following details:

  1. partner’s name
  2. customer’s PBX S/N
  3. quantity and type of licenses that should be on the PBX
  4. expiration term to be set

IMPORTANT: Partners should not change anything by themselves! Only report a mistake to the account manager.


Licenses will be automatically renewed and invoiced on the last day of their expiration term.

We recommend to carry out all of the license changes 2 days before the license expiration date.

IMPORTANT: No license decrease can be done on the last day of the month!

But licenses can be removed at any moment with no money back for prepaid ones.

Scheduled deletion of Cloud PBXs

In case you delete all the user licenses (decrease them to zero) from your Cloud PBX, the PBX will be scheduled for deletion in 2 weeks.

One week before the scheduled deletion, you will receive a reminder via email about the scheduled PBX deletion. In two weeks your Cloud PBX will be deleted.

If you don’t want this PBX to be deleted, you have five 5 calendar days to simply add back user licenses and your PBX will be not deleted. If you want to prevent the PBX from being deleted after the expiration of 5 days, contact your Area Manager to set it up.

Move PBX to Cloud



  • Only MySQL/ SQLite3 Database is supported for migration (WMS 4.0X)
  • Only SQLite3 Database is supported for migration (WMS 3.XX)
  • DB size for migration is limited by the root partition size on Cloud PBX: about ~6-7G


Create a new Cloud PBX as described in chapter Add a new Per User PBX on WMP.

Step 2 - Run the script on old PBX to move all the data