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This Guide explains how to edit the strategy of call distribution in Call groups and provides the information on dynamic login to Call groups via Collaboration.

Updated: August 2020

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7 - Call waiting: if enabled, a Call group member can receive more than one call at a time. By default, the option is disabled for newly created Call groups. It is recommended to keep this option disabled in case you are using Round Robin or Longest Idle strategies, otherwise there is a risk that some callers could be stuck in a queue because calls would continue to arrive to those agents who are already busy in a conversation



  • The option cannot be enabled in case Auto pause on no answer is enabled
  • The option cannot be enabled for call strategy Call all 32 in WMS 4.0X and can be enabled in WMS 5.0X
  • After upgrade, you need to re-save the settings of existing Call groups in order to enable Call waiting functionalityThe option is disabled for call strategy Call all 32 or in case Auto pause on no answer is enabled

8 - Auto pause on no answer: if enabled, a Call group member is automatically paused for the duration period of Auto pause on no answer timeout (no, only this queue, for all queues):


  • Call All 32: all available agents are called simultaneously until one answers (no user features processed)


    Note: Starting from WMS Version 3.88.41912.34, Call All 32 strategy was improved:

    Now it is available


    • Available for all devices including Web ZD and mobile apps (it is possible to disable push notifications for mobile apps, see details in the Example of the Dialplan procedure for managing Call group calls)
    • This strategy supports up to 32 users (previously it supported up to 32 devices and each device of CG member was counted)
    • The current delay between CG members equals 20ms to achieve almost simultaneous ringing
    During upgrade of PBX, Configuration of Call All 32 strategy will be updated automatically.



    • Feature “Contact Center” (Collaboration -> Settings -> Contact center) doesn’t work for this strategy
    • User preferences (call forwarding , call waiting etc) are not processed when this strategy is used (they are turned off)
    • Feature is not available on old HW PBX

  • Round Robin: the next agent is selected on the list following the individual that received the last incoming call
  • Longest Idle: the agent who answered the call the longest time ago is called
  • Fewest Calls: call the agent who has the lowest number of answered calls
  • Linear: agents are called sequentially starting from the first member on the list until an earlier person is no longer on the phone
    • dynamically added users are called in the order in which they are added

14 - Exit if all members (WMS 4.0X/ WMS 5.0X): if all Call group members are unavailable (busy, paused/wrap up, ringing) at the time when a new incoming call is placed to the queue, the system proceeds to execution of the next application of Dialplan procedure used for managing Call group calls  


To display the changes in Collaboration, refresh Contact center (Settings -> Contact center) page.

Video tutorial:

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