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This guide explains how to access and to use Wildix Collaboration and describes the basic operations: call, chat, video call, conference, fax, SMS.

WMS Version: 3.88

Updated: April 2019

Collaboration 4.01: Collaboration User Guide 4.01



  • Collaboration: access to full features described in the current User Guide

  • CDR-View: access to Wildix advanced monitoring and reporting tool (read the guide: CDR-View User Guide)

  • Kite-MCU08: possibility to create ubiconf video conferences and be contacted via Kite link (read the guides: WebRTC Kite GuideUbiconf Videoconference Guide)  

Per-User PBX:

Bandwidth requirements:

  • For calls via Collaboration using G.711 codec 80 Kbps is necessary.

First time login

  1. Open the web browser

  2. Type into URL the PBX name or IP address (example:

  3. Enter your credentials:

    1. Login (extension, user name or email address)

    2. Password (WEB password)

  4. Click the Arrow button to log in


For ubiconf videoconference based on WebRTC, read the guide: Ubiconf Videoconference

Create a chat room:

  1. Go to the Messaging tab

  2. Click on Create a Conference icon in the upper right part of the Recents section and select + Chat conference

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  3. Edit the conference title (optional)

  4. Add participants

  5. Click the Tick icon to create a conference 

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