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This Guide describes the process of Microsoft Phone System Setup.

General documentation on teams4Wildix can be found here: teams4Wildix - integration of Microsoft Teams with Wildix PBX - Documentation

Additional documentation be found on teams4Wildix portal -> Services -> Teams -> Documents.

Created: July 2021


Table of Contents


General requirements:

  • WMS version: 5.03.20210623.1 or higher
  • Activated CLASSOUND
  • Wildix UC-ESSENTIAL / UC-BUSINESS / UC-PREMIUM license for each user


  • Monthly subscription fee. The fee is purchased for the entire PBX on WMP (the option for purchasing is coming soon. If you want to activate Mode 2, please contact your Area Manager)
  • Microsoft 365 (Office 365) E5 or Microsoft 365 (Office 365) E3 + Phone system for each user

Step 1: Enable MS Phone System for your customer - instruction for the Wildix Partner


The steps specified in this chapter are carried out by the Wildix Partner.

Step 1. Request MS Teams Phone System service on WMP

  1. Access WMP → select the Customer → select the PBX → click Edit
  2. Enable the checkbox next to MS-PhoneSystem

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  3. Click Save in the upper right-hand part of the screen and proceed with confirming your order.
  4. You will receive indications regarding your next steps via email from Wildix Customer Care.  

Step 2. Provide the needed information to the Wildix Customer Care 

Once you request the service on WMP, a ticket to Wildix Customer care is opened automatically. You will receive an email requesting the following information regarding your customer:


Once this information is provided, you will need to wait till the system is added to the dedicated teams4Wildix portal. 

Step 2. Set up Microsoft Phone System - instruction for the end customer


The steps specified in this chapter are carried out by the Partner's end customer (the user who has admin rights on the MS domain of the company).

To be able to make calls using Teams Dialpad, you need to set up the connection between your PBX and Office 365 tenant. For that, activate an account on

Step 1. Activate an account on the teams4wildix portal 

  1. Once you receive an invitation via email, click Accept Invitatioto access the portal

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  2. Access the teams4Wildix portal using your Microsoft 365 credentials. Go to Getting Started -> Prerequisites tab and click Check My Tenant:

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  3. Select Microsoft account with admin rights and the required licenses
  4. If the account meets all the requirements, the Tenant check is successful and you can click Next to go to the next step:
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Step 2. Create PBX 

You are under PBX tab. To add your PBX, fill out the fields specified below (no need to touch other fields):


(below an example of a PBX that was already added on teams4Wildix portal)

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Step 3. Sync the portal with your MS account

You are under Teams tab. To sync teams4Wildix portal with your Microsoft account, follow these steps:



Sync may take up to 15 minutes

Step 4. Add users 


Important notes:

  • Use user extension (NOT usernames) as SIP Username and Auth Username
  • Use SIP password (NOT Web password) as Password. To get SIP passwords, export user's data in WMS -> Users -> Export CSV. In the downloaded file, actual passwords can be found in column SipPassword



You can also import users via CSV to create users or update (use the button Import Users located next to Add user).

Microsoft Phone System Usage


Using Microsoft Phone System service enables you to place and receive calls from the Calls dialpad of MS Teams interface. However, with Microsoft Phone System you can still use all the features described in the general teams4Wildix document as well. Consult the guide: teams4Wildix - integration of Microsoft Teams with Wildix PBX - Documentation