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Wildix Collaboration Mobile application provides access to Wildix Unified Communications from your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iOS App Version: 8 8.13.45805 45865 

To check the current version, go to iOS changelog:

Updated: August 2020June 2021


Table of Contents

Before using the app


  1. Tap Dialpad
  2. Tap status icon / user picture
  3. Tap on the current status and select the new one: DND / Away / Offline / Online
  4. Enter your status message (optional)
  5. Tap the Tick icon to apply changes
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Note: for DND / Away it is possible to set up expiry time via Until option (optional), after which your status passes to online.


Participate in Wizyconf videoconference


Important: for access to video conferencing service on WMS 4.0 via Safari v. 13.1 on iOS 13.4 is temporarily disabled due to the found issues. To access a conference room, you need to use Wizyconf iOS AppiOS devices, use Safari browser or install Wizyconf iOS App (access via Google Chrome is temporarily disabled).

  • Open a chat session with a user who sent an invitation 
  • Tap on the invitation
  • Select Join to access the conference via Wizyconf iOS App or Call to access the conference  in audio-only mode. Follow Wizyconf Videoconference User Guide for details