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WiIdix Microservices Changelog: new features and improvements for Kite, Wildix Management portal (WMP), Wildix Integration Service(WIService), Screen sharing, Headset integration.

For Kite, WMP: no need to upgrade, the changes are available right away.

For WIService, Screen sharing, Headset integration: go to Collaboration Settings -> Extensions and click Update to install a new version (for WiService, there is also an auto-update option).

Other changelogs:

Link for sharing:

WIService v 3.2.19, Screen sharing component v 3.2.19, Fax printer v 3.1.7, TAPI driver v 1.4.5 Date: 16.07.2021


[WMS-11679] - int: signed uninstall exe files for Wildix integration components to prevent them from being detected by antivirus software