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This Guide explains how to get the location of the nearest W-AIR Base Station in W-AIR Network in case of emergency alarm triggered on W-AIR Handset.

  • Min W-AIR firmware: 0501b5
  • Min WMS version: 5.02.20201207.3
  • W-AIR documentation: Link

Created: December 2020


Table of Contents


Thanks to this feature, the operator who receives the alarm triggered by a W-AIR handset can additionally receive information about the closest Base Station and the type of alarm triggered (e.g. Man Down, Alarm Button). This information is passed using Messaging protocol supported on W-AIR starting from the firmware indicated in this document.



What is the RPN of the base station?

RPN can be found on the W-AIR base station's interface → Home/ Status tab, RFPI Address; in the example below the RPN of the base station is "00":

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Enable Text Messaging on W-AIR base

Step 1: Enable Text Messaging:


  1. Go to the menu Alarms of the base station's interface.
  2. In each alarm profile that you configured (Man Down, Alarm Button, etc), change Alarm Signal from Call to Message and click Save.

PBX configuration

  • Open the terminal from WMS and edit the call file template config located in the file /var/lib/callweaver/dialplan/alarm.template. 


  • Start W-AIR alarms service on the PBX and enable it permanently:

    Code Block
    # systemctl start wairmsg
    # systemctl enable wairmsg

Dialplan configuration

Add the new Dialplan context "alarm-wair". This is the default Dialplan specified in the template file, use this name if you haven't changed it.