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Apr 01, 2020 10:50

ubiconf-Huddle Quick Start Guide - English

This ubiconf-Huddle Quick Start Guide provides the basic information about the device and explains how to use it during ubiconf videoconferences.

Created: December 2017

Online version:

ubiconf-Huddle Introduction

ubiconf-Huddle is a Huddle room Conference Video Station with integrated audio and wide-angle camera, designed for Wildix WebRTC ubiconf videoconferences. The device is a plug&play solution that can be connected to a PC or laptop via USB cable without any preliminary installation or driver. In this way, ubiconf-Huddle ensures efficient collaboration in conference rooms up to 10 participants.


  • HD Video. The device supports 1080p HD video and provides users with high quality Internet video meetings and improves conference efficiency
  • Broader Horizon. ubiconf-Huddle provides a wide-angle view up to 120 degrees, restoring the real scene and displaying more meeting details
  • Plug&Play. The device provides Plug&Play capabilities and can be easily implemented by any user
  • Universal Omnidirectional Microphone. It has strong echo suppression and noise reduction ability for ensuring a clear voice during conferences.

  • Cost reduction of team collaboration. ubiconf-Huddle brings more convenient and online real-time meeting, reducing the cost of the meeting greatly.

Packing list

Before you start using this ubiconf-Huddle, please verify that your package contains the following items:

  • 1 x ubiconf-Huddle
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x portable case

ubiconf-Huddle Overview

1 - Michrophone (with echo cancellation)

2 - HD camera

3 - Volume + touch key

4 - Volume - touch key

5 - Mute/ Unmute touch key

6 - Speaker

LED indicators Overview

ColorLED indicationStatus
BlueSteady OnActive, works normally
RedSteady OnMicrophone is disabled
BlueShort flashingAdjusting Volume
BlueLong flashingSpeaker is disabled
Blue and red

Long alternate flashing

Microphone and speaker are both disabled

ubiconf-Huddle Connection

Connection of ubiconf-Huddle to PC or laptop

As ubiconf-Huddle is a plug&play solution, it can be used as long as connected to you PC or laptop by USB cable.

Ubiconf Videoconference Settings

To use ubiconf-Huddle during your ubiconf videoconferences:

  1. Create a new ubiconf videoconference or join the existing one.

    Note: Refer to Ubiconf Videoconference Guide for detailed information.

  2. Select the following videoconference settings:
    1. Audio output -> ubiconf-Huddle
    2. Microphone -> ubiconf-Huddle
    3. Webcam -> ubiconf-Huddle
  3. Click Join to confirm

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