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Aug 21, 2019 14:17

Wizyconf Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide explains how to provision Wizyconf via WMP and access, participate in conferences.

For the installation and connection, consult Wizyconf Installation Documentation.

Created: July 2019

Minimum WMS version: 4.01.44034.20


Provisioning and configuration

WMP Provisioning

Prerequisite: you must have available Wizyconf which you had previously ordered and had it shipped to you.

  • Go to WMP -> select a customer
  • Select the PBX -> click Options button (three dots) and choose Devices from the drop-down list:

  • Click + to add Wizyconf:

  • The list of all your available devices opens; select Wizyconf and click Add to assign it to the PBX: 

  • Go to WMS -> Devices: provisioned Wizyconf appears on the list:  

Important: After Wizyconf is provisioned, its status in WMS -> Devices stays gray, no IP and firmware are indicated. The password is used by Wizyconf for PBX authentication. Ongoing upgrade procedures are not displayed in WMS.

Assign Wizyconf to user

Important: Before assigning, make sure that a user has Wizyconf License previously purchased on WMP. If the user doesn't have the correct license, the error notification is displayed on Wizyconf.

  • Go to WMS -> Devices
  • Select Wizyconf and click Assign to user 

  • Choose a user and click Save

Note: Once the user is assigned, it is impossible to delete him, you can just re-assign Wizyconf to another user. After re-assigning, turn on/ off Wizyconf via Power key on Wizyconf-Core.

Important: 1 Wizyconf user can only be used with 1 Wizyconf. You cannot assign it to another Wizyconf.

The first upgrade

Note: You may need to connect a mouse and a keyboard for the upgrading procedure.


  • DHCP Server 
  • Stable internet connection

Upon the first launch, Wizyconf automatically upgrades its firmware. The notification about the upgrade is displayed. It takes up to 10 minutes to complete the upgrading process (depends on the Internet connection). Then Wizyconf is rebooted automatically


  • Wyziconf is upgraded from server
  • Port used by Wizyconf: tcp:443

Access the conference

By design, conferences cannot be created from Wizyconf.  It is only possible to participate.

When Wizyconf is launched, the Conference List can be accessed. If a Wizyconf user has previously participated in conferences, they are displayed here:

  • To display new conferences in the List, press Refresh after inviting a Wizyconf user

Enter a conference

  • Use keyboard Arrow keys to select a conference from the list
  • Press Enter to confirm

Inside a conference

  • To access the Conference control bar, use keyboard Arrow keys
  • To close any dialog window from Conference control bar, press Esc key on a keyboard

If you access a conference from Collaboration and Wizyconf that are located in the same room, it is recommended to mute microphone in Collaboration in order to prevent echo issues.

Leave a conference 

  • To leave a conference, press Home key on a keyboard
  • Use keyboard Arrow keys to select Leave
  • Press Enter to confirm

Appendix 1. Troubleshooting 

Issue 1: The notification "Connection Error" is displayed on Wizyconf.


  • There is no Internet connection
  • The device is not assigned/ provisioned on WMP
  • The PBX is unreachable 

Solution: Check all the above mentioned points and press Retry to access the Conference List.

Issue 2: After applying a backup on PBX, it is impossible to access Wizyconf.

Reason: The old password is used instead of the new one.

Solution: Authorize Wizyconf via Collaboration.

  • The following notification is displayed on Wizyconf. To authorize the device, enter the code via Collaboration: it can be entered by any user from the PBX to which Wizyconf is assigned:

  • Go to Collaboration -> click on the Videoconference icon in the top menu

  • Click Wizyconf Authentication and enter the code:

  • Press Retry on Wizyconf

Issue 3: After entering a conference, there is an issue with its infinite loading


  • Press Home key to exit the conference
  • Enter the conference one more time

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