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Oct 31, 2020 07:16

Wildix Technical Support - Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This document describes the service level terms and conditions according to which Wildix provides technical support to its Customers.

Created: April 2018

Updated: July 2020


0. Support mission

The mission of Wildix Technical Support is to provide an excellent service to our Partners during the deployment and after the deployment of Wildix Solutions. Wildix Technical Support does not provide pre-sales support, which is performed by our Sales Teams, or provide information included in the documentation.

To support this mission, we publish the terms and conditions of delivering Technical Support services which help our Partners set the right expectations in regards of Wildix Technical support services.

Wildix Technical Support teams work closely with NOC Engineers, whose mission is:

  • Proactive Wildix Systems monitoring and analysis of crash reports

  • Analysis and resolution of Critical issues which arrive outside Support Hours

In addition to the Technical Support service, Wildix offers a wide range of self-help resources, available for everyone, including Wildix Partners, Resellers and End Users:

1. Support eligibility

Wildix direct Technical Support service is available for the following type of Partners:

  • Wildix Platinum Business Partner

  • Wildix Gold Business Partner

  • Wildix Silver Business Partner

Bronze Partners and Resellers must refer to their assigned Platinum or Gold Business Partner for technical support.

Wildix system end-users must refer to the System Integrator (Wildix Partner or Reseller) who installed the Wildix System.  

2. Support Hours

  • Support hours for processing new tickets are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST / CET

  • Extended support service only for Critical issues is available 24 hours / 7 days per week

2.1 Ticket response time based on ticket class of service (CoS)

Response time for newly created tickets may differ depending on the CoS assigned to the ticket. Response times and the policies of assigning CoS are explained in the table below.

Assigned CoS


Ticket response goals


  • Call drops which are not caused by a operator

  • Cloud system is unreachable

  • Business operations severely impacted with no workaround

Within 30 minutes during Support Hours

NOTE: For Critical issues outside Support Hours, please use Phone.


  • All other tickets

Within the same working day, or on the next working day for the tickets created outside Support Hours

2.2 Extended Support Service for Critical issues

Extended Support Service is available only for Critical issues, such as:

  • Wildix UC Cloud Platforms, WMP, Website not available

  • Customers Business operations severely impacted with no workaround

Extended Support Service does NOT cover:

  • Reports of non critical problems

  • Issues with operators (partner must check beforehand if the issue can be reproduced with another operator)

  • HW replacement or checks on faulty HW

  • Checks on internet connectivity

  • Standard activities covered by Support and which must be planned in advance (deployment questions, integration analysis, bugs reports)

Extended Support Service is provided by phone, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, only in English language.

To interact with Extended Support Service outside Support hours, please call:

  • USA: +16144841546

  • UK: +443300563663

  • Italy: +39 0461 1715112

  • D/A/CH countries: +49 89 2000 60 65

  • France and francophone countries: +33 1 76 74 79 83

  • Spain +34932202994

Once a new ticket arrives outside Support Hours, the responsible NOC engineer investigates the issue and, in case the ticket qualifies for Critical CoS, tries to resolve the ticket immediately or provide a workaround.

3. How to interact with Support

We remind you again that Wildix direct Technical Support service is available only for:

  • Platinum Partners

  • Gold Partners

Silver and Bronze Partners and Resellers must refer to their assigned Platinum or Gold Business Partner for technical support.

Wildix Platinum and Gold Business Partners can use the following channels for communication with Wildix Support:

  • Ticketing System via Wildix Management Portal (WMP)

  • Phone call

  • Kite service

  • Facebook Groups

  • Email - only for follow up on an existing ticket.

    IMPORTANT: no new tickets can be opened via email starting from June 2018!

3.1 Ticketing System

You can open a ticket via Ticketing System any day and any time. Goal of Technical Support is to respond to all tickets within the same working day, or on the next working day for tickets created outside of Support Hours.

How to open a ticket

How to open a ticket to Wildix Technical Support from WMP:

  1. Access WMP using your credentials

  2. Go to Support tab -> click Add in the upper-right corner 

  3. Fill in the mandatory fields: Subject, Message and PBX name or product info (can be selected from the list: serial number of devices, PBX/ product name/ PBX name etc)
  4. Enter all the information related to the issue

    • The WMS version

    • FW versions of all the devices related to the ticket

    • Any additional information and attachments   

  5. Click Submit 

After you have opened a ticket, you can:

  • reply to your ticket by email or from WMP to provide any additional information

  • track the status of your ticket from WMP

Please note that the following information is essential for support inquiries so that the request can be processed as soon as possible:

  • IP address of the remote maintenance or * address of the PBX
  • login credentials
  • WMS version of the PBX and optionally FW of the Wildix devices
  • Exact error description and diagnostics done so far
  • Traces with examples and information to address the issue; e.g. users involved in a call (caller and called numbers) and time of the call itself

If a ticket has been closed by Wildix support, it is no longer possible to reply and reopen the ticket. Please open a new case and reference the original ticket ID if needed.

3.2 Phone

You can contact Wildix Technical Support by the following phone numbers during Support Hours - from 9am till 6pm EST / CET (outside Support Hours 24/7, only for Critical issues):

  • USA: +16144841546

  • UK: +443300563663

  • Italy: +3904611715112

  • D/A/CH countries: +498920006065

  • France and francophone countries: +33176747983

  • Spain: +34932202994

3.3 Kite  

Use the following links to chat/call Wildix technical support teams during Support Hours only - to access the service make sure a ticket has been created:

3.4 Facebook Groups

Wildix Tech Wizards group is open for everyone and intended for:

  • New feature requests

  • Requests of additional information, documentation requests

  • Doubts, Ideas, sharing of experience, installations photos

Wildix Beta releases is reserved to Wildix Partners and is intended for:

  • Bug reports

  • Questions about beta releases

  • Questions about integrations

Please do not use Facebook groups to report a Critical issue (such as cloud system is unreachable, call drops which are not caused by the operator, business operations severely impacted without workaround). Use phone or Ticketing system instead.  

4. Proactive system monitoring and crash reports

Wildix NOC Engineers perform continuous system monitoring 24/7, investigate crash reports, and intervene in case a problem with any client PBX has been revealed by the monitoring system.

In case a problem has been revealed, the following actions are undertaken:

  • Identify the CoS of the issue; issues which have been identified as Critical are immediately taken into analysis, even if revealed outside Support Hours

  • Find all the information related to the PBX, including Serial, Country, Partner, information about the issue

  • Partner is contacted by creating a ticket or by phone

5. System maintenance and global problems

You can check Wildix system status for its services here

NOC Engineers report on Wildix Tech Wizards Facebook groups:

  • Planned system maintenances

  • Global problems with Wildix services

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