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Collaboration Video Tutorials are available in German: Collaboration Video Tutorials - German

Embed Collaboration Video Tutorials collection on your website

To embed the video tutorial collection into your website, copy the code below and paste it into your web page.

Once new videos are added, you will not have to update the code--video tutorials collection is automatically updated on your website.  

Embed as a player

Embed this video with API:
<div id="wistia_qhj4kj35mt" class="wistia_embed" style="width:640px;height:360px;" data-video-width="640" data-video-height="360"> </div>
<script charset="ISO-8859-1" src="//"></script>
wistiaPlaylist = Wistia.playlist("qhj4kj35mt", {
  version: "v1",
  theme: "tab",
  videoOptions: {
    volumeControl: true,
    playerColor: "003366",
    autoPlay: true,
    videoWidth: "640",
    videoHeight: "360",
    inlineOptionsOnly: true,
    version: "v1"
  videoFoam: "true",
  media_0_0: {
    autoPlay: false,
    controlsVisibleOnLoad: false

This is how your embed will look like on the page:


Collaboration Video Tutorials

First time access


Conference call


Call pickup


Call recording


Call transfer


Call transfer via BLF keys using Drag&Drop


Call forwarding to Voicemail


Custom geolocation


Web push


Custom user statuses


Call features - setting rules for incoming calls management


Call features based on current user status, on call class


Ring only active device - select device for incoming calls


Continuity - pass active call to another device


Set presence of another user


Call intrusion (barge, listen, whisper)


Sticky notes: Post-It, Call me back, personal reminder


Drag & Drop call transfer on Touch screen

Pause call recording

Wildix Business Intelligence Features

WBI Feature - Caller name pronounced via TTS when calling to user's Mobility number 

WBI Feature - IVR with Voice Control using ASR

WBI Feature - Personal assistant via TTS (Voice AI)

WBI Feature - Automated Attendant via ASR (Dial by name)

iOS / Android apps

Participate in a video conference from iOS 

Control W-AIR Headset and other devices from iPhone

Call transfer on iOS / Android


Start a call from Collaboration to Kite user

Ubiconf video conference

Participate in a video conference from iOS 

Video Conference First Time access


Live streaming of ubiconf video conference

Recording of ubiconf video conference

WP4X0 Video Tutorials

Identities feature

Colleagues' presence monitoring

Ringtone playback for BLF Colleague

Voicemail PIN protection

BLF Contact Center

Voicemail forwarding from WP4X0G 2017 and WelcomeConsole to users of the same PBX

BLF Function Keys options: View Calls, Audio Notification, Direct transfer

User status 

Call park

Vision and SuperVision Video Tutorials

Vision & Touch Monitor

WP600A / WP600ACG Video Tutorials

Call transfer via BLF keys

Enable / disable screen lock

Deactivate auto updates

Change a ringtone

W-AIR Headset Video Tutorials

Start a call using your Voice with Automatic Speech Recognition

Control W-AIR Headset from iPhone



Click-to-call from Zoho CRM 

Infusionsoft by Keap 


Kuando Busylight

Outlook Integration

Part 1: Presence, Click2call, IM

Part 2: User pictures, Caller ID, live search, URL to create / edit a contact

IBM Domino

Wildix integration in IBM Lotus Notes client 9.0.1

Wildix integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Wildix integration with Freshdesk

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