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WiIdix Microservices Changelog: new features and improvements for Kite, Wildix Management portal (WMP), Wildix Integration Service(WIService), Screen sharing, Headset integration.

For Kite, WMP: no need to upgrade, the changes are available right away.

For WIService, Screen sharing, Headset integration: go to Collaboration Settings -> Extensions and click Update to install a new version (for WiService, there is also an auto-update option).

Other changelogs:

Link for sharing:

Kite, TAPI driver, Fax printer v. 4.1.3, Headset integration v. 2.9.1, Screen sharing component v. 3.1.12 Date: 23.02.2021


[WMS-10613] -kite: replaced Google+ (End-Of-Life) with Google SSO for Kite sign-in form


[WMS-10486] - app: updated WIService version that is automatically installed during installation of Fax Printer, Headset integration and Screen sharing component on macOS

[WMS-10504] - sys: fixed an issue with TAPI driver v. 1.4.2 not working on Windows 10

[WMS-10526] - app: fixed an issue in which TAPI driver uninstallation caused deletion of all other components in Collaboration Settings -> Extensions

Outlook integration v. 2.6.4 Date: 15.02.2021


[WMS-10039] - app: fixed an issue with status of MS teams' users not showing in Outlook

[WMS-10483] - app: fixed an issue when after deleting the integration, it was still displayed as Installed in Collaboration Settings -> Extensions

WMP Date: 10.02.2021


[WMS-7671] – wmp: allowed sharing of Per User Licenses between Cloud PBXs over WMS Network on WMP


  • Cloud PBX cannot be connected to Server PBX with Lifetime license
  • Cloud PBX with increased storage size cannot be connected to Server PBX

Documentation: PBX Licensing and Activation Guide

Headset integration, WIService Date: 05.02.2021

New Feature

Headset integration v. 2.9.9 (Windows) and v. 2.9.0 (macOS)

[WMS-10032] – dev: added support for DuoLED-BT Headset


WIService v. 3.1.11 (macOS)

[WMS-10485] – app: fixed an issue with WIService version being not displayed after uninstalling screen sharing component

API Date: 28.01.2021

[WMS-10439] – api: created a separate API documentation server for microservices

Mono/DuoLED Date: 07.09.2020


[WMS-9479] – dev: fixed an issue with low volume on Mono/ DuoLED Headsets

The issue is fixed by increasing the volume level by +10 dB. To achieve this, upgrade the Headset firmware:

Kite Date: 21.05.2020


[WMS-8242] – kite: improved behavior of chat sessions when Kite user connects to a Call group

  • if Kite user disconnects after ending a chat session with an agent, the session is closed after 10 minutes
  • if this user connects again, another agent joins the session
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