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WiIdix Integrations Changelog: new features, improvements and fixes for Wildix Integrations with third-party software products and web applications: Salesforce, Citrix, Infusionsoft, Zoho etc

Integrations webpage:

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SAP Business One Integration Update


[WMS-14104] - int: fixed an issue with adding a new contact in SAP Business One integration, in which symbol "+" and first digit of the phone number were cut off in the contact form

Download new version of the integration in the Installation Link section of this guide: 

HubSpot Integration Date: 08.06.2022


[WMS-14326] - int: fixed an issue in which after making a call to a contact in HubSpot integration via “Make a phone call” button, the further outgoing call via Collaboration dropped if user clicked on some menu on a contact page in HubSpot integration

teams4Wildix Integration Date: 03.06.2022


[WMS-14211] - int: fixed an issue in which it was impossible to use teams4Wildix integration if PBX domain name contained a dash (-)

teams4wildix documentation:

HubSpot Integration Date: 17.05.2022


[WMS-13997] - int: added support of multiple HubSpot integration tabs, allowing to make calls via Wildix from any of the HubSpot tabs

HubSpot Integration Date: 03.05.2022


[WMS-13906] - int: fixed some issues, including an error message asking to reinstall the app when user was making a call

  • Note: To get the updated integration version, click on the Reinstall button that appears when making a call > click Install Wildix App.

teams4Wildix Integration Date: 28.01.2022


[WMS-12777] - sys: fixed occasional one-way audio issue during calls from Microsoft Teams to Wildix devices, leaving PCMA codec as a default one and allowing to edit the list of codecs via teams4Wildix portal

Documentation: teams4Wildix - Instructions for End Customers on MS Phone System Setup

Salesforce Lightning Integration v 1.27.0 Date: 17.01.2022


[WMS-12824] - int: fixed an issue in which it wasn’t possible to make outgoing calls via Dialpad or load History

Documentation: Salesforce Lightning Integration User Guide

Zoho Integration Date: 20.09.2021


[WMS-12129] - sys: recovered PhoneBridge public key to fix an issue in which Zoho integration didn’t work on some PBXs 

Documentation: Zoho Products integration with Wildix PBX

Datev Integration v 1.1.15 Date: 06.08.2021


[WMS-11247] - int: fixed an issue with outgoing call duration missing if a call was placed via Datev

Documentation: GDrive Link

Salesforce Lightning Integration v 1.26.0 Date: 17.06.2021


[WMS-11303] - int: fixed an issue with impossibility to log a call activity of a user in Activity tab

Salesforce Lightning Integration v 1.25.0 Date: 21.04.2021


[WMS-10811] - int: added Call History option for Lightening version

Salesforce Integration v 1.24.0 Date: 25.03.2021


[WMS-10830] - int: fixed an issue with Contact name being not displayed if a phone number contained special characters in Lightning and Classic versions

Salesforce Integration v 1.23.0 Date: 25.03.2021

[WMS-10644] - int: fixed an issue with Enter number button being disabled after entering a number that contained special characters in Lightning version

[WMS-10770] - int: visualized the app's version on GUI in Lightning and Classic versions

  • you can check it under Phone menu 

Salesforce Integration v 1.22.0 Date: 23.02.2021


[WMS-10542] - app: added a call duration timer to a call dialog window in Lightning and Classic versions


[WMS-10468] - app: fixed an issue in which a call dialog window disappeared after attended transfer in Lightning and Classic versions