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Jan 23, 2019 01:19

Wildix Business Intelligence (WBI) - Artificial Intelligence (AI) services

Wildix Business Intelligence (WBI) is a pure innovation--a set of services that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), allow businesses to significantly automate and streamline their daily processes and communication.

Created: January 2018


All WBI services are available only with:

  • Premium License

  • Monthly / Yearly / Five year subscription on Per User PBXs (not available on Lifetime PBXs and Per Service PBXs)

More details: 

Text-to-speech (TTS)

1 Premium license provides 2 hours of service per system. Need more hours? Add more Premium licenses.

Personal Assistant - User status reporting

Personal Assistant is a voice AI (Artificial Intelligence) service that informs callers of your current user status, user status message and duration if available.

What did you have to do previously, to inform callers of your plans and status? Well, you had to record a dedicated Voicemail greeting in case you are busy or unavailable. From now on, everything you need to do is set your user status and specify the status message and the duration period.

Here is how it works:

Supported language: en / en-us

The feature is available for calls from the users of the system and not for the external callers

Static TTS in Sounds menu

Thanks to Text-to-Speech (TTS) you can generate audio files in different languages from text and save them on your PBX to use it later on in IVRs or in Dialplan.

Just write down your text, select the voice and generate the audio file. You can adjust volume, pitch and pitch. Save the file once you are satisfied with the output and use it in Dialplan when you need it.

Watch the video:

Dynamic TTS in Dialplan

Dynamic TTS feature allows for dynamic generation of interactive voice responses using Text-to-Speech feature in Dialplan and supports the use of variables. Using this feature the audio file is generated dynamically during the execution of the Dialplan application.

Thanks to support of variables, such as ${CALLERID(name)} you can create interactive voice responses, make a query to a Database, execute a script, etc.

Watch the video: 


  • It is necessary to first set the language using “Set” application

  • Write a text using “Play sound” / “Play sound and wait for digits” applications

  • To learn more about variables, read the Smart Dialplan guide: Smart Dialplan - use of Custom Applications

  • You can jump to another Dialplan procedure based on TTS result: use “Jump to if” application with Condition "${TTSSTATUS}"!="SUCCESS" ("UNDEFINED"/"FAILURE")

Example of a Dialplan configuration:

Worldwide Phonebook

System-wide feature: 1 Premium license activates the feature per system.

With Worldwide Phonebook caller name lookup service you will always know who is calling you, even if the person is not present in the enterprise phonebooks or is calling from a different phone number.

If a caller is not found in the colleagues phonebook and in the enterprise’s shared phonebooks, the system searches in online resources.

It’s possible to disable the service by adding the Global Dialplan variable EXTCONTACTLOOKUP=no.

Automated Attendant - Live Voice IVR - Dial by name using ASR (Automatic speech recognition)

This service is a real human-computer interaction. Thanks to Automatic speech recognition (ASR) callers can interact with the system using just their voices.

Automated Attendant invites a caller to say the name of the person he or she is looking for. Callers can interact with the system using voice and decide whether to continue the search or to place a call.

Feature can be called via “Dial by name / Directory” Dialplan application or Feature code “Directory” 82.

Available also for W-AIR Headset (press the Call button when there is no active conversation and say the name).

Feature is enabled by default. To return to the old behavior (entering name via DTMF), use these global Dialplan variables:

  • IVR_ASR (yes / no, default = yes) for Dialplan application
  • IVR_ASR_SERVICES (yes / no, default = yes) for Feature code

DEMO Video: 

Supported language: en / en-us

Voicemail Transcription - Speech To Text

1 Premium license provides 2 hours of service per system. Need more hours? Add more Premium licenses.

It happens that you are on a meeting and you have no opportunity to listen to an important Voicemail you have just received. From now on you can read Voicemails using Speech To Text service directly in your email and reply easily.


  • Feature is enabled by default (can be disabled in WMS Dialplan -> General Settings, “Convert Voicemails to text and send by email”)

  • Language of the caller party who recorded the message is used for transcription

  • Transcripts can be created correctly, only if the corresponding language package is installed on the PBX

  • Limitation: 1 min max for each audio file

Call recording & ubiconf recording transcription - Speech To Text (coming soon)

*** Coming soon! ***

Saving transcripts of all the recorded calls allows for easy lookup of any important information.

In the same way, saving a transcript of a ubiconf conference allows you to prepare a written summary of the meeting within minutes, easily find some important point or topic and know exactly who said what.

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