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Update repository: rel50. In case of automatic upgrade, make sure to specify the current repository.

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Basic Authentication API access is disabled for admin users (API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#section/Authentication)

Admin users can apply PHP HTTP client library for S2S authentication:

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200612.2 Date: 12 June 2020


[WMS-9126] - sys: fixed an issue with BLF keys "Line" not working in WMS Network

[WMS-9154] - dev: fixed an issue when WP phones connected to HW/ VM PBX couldn't get firmware 

[WMS-9163] - sys: fixed no media issue on WP phones connected to Cloud PBX if UDP or TCP was set as SIP Transport via custom provisioning parameter

[WMS-9176] - wms: fixed JSON Web Token validation error during S2S authentication

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200605.5 Date: 05 June 2020

New Features 

[WMS-7199] - sys: added support for direct RTP between Kite and Web phone 

Added full ICE support for Kite and WebRTC phone:

  • endpoints in the same network - media goes directly
  • endpoints in different networks and open/ moderate NAT - STUN is used to find the best pair of candidates
  • endpoints in different networks, strict NAT - media goes through TURN (on PBX)

The feature is disabled by default. To enable it, add the following line to the file /rw2/etc/kamailio/host_specific_custom.cfg: 

modparam("pv", "varset", "ice_drtp=i:1")

[WMS-7264] - wms: added support for S2S authentication via token for Wildix PBX API

  • the option "API access settings" is located in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Integrations (prev. CRM Integrations)
  • available only for a super admin user
  • API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#tag/Authentication/bearer

[WMS-7504] - sys: call waiting parameter can now be activated for Call Groups with CG strategy “Call All 32”

[WMS-7804] - col: added support for preview of video/ audio files via HTML5 <video>/ <audio> tags and youtube player in Collaboration chats

[WMS-8164] - col: added ability to leave customer feedback in Collaboration

  • the option "Feedback" is located in Collaboration right bottom corner

[WMS-8204] - wms: implemented PHP HTTP client library for using S2S authentication

[WMS-8635] - col: added possibility to edit the last sent chat message in Collaboration


  • press ↑ Up arrow key on your keyboard 
  • the last sent message appears in the input field
  • update it and press Enter key to send 


  • only messages containing links, text or emoticons can be edited
  • to exit the editing mode, you need to delete the entire message from the input field


  • not supported on mobile devices and Kite: a remote side receives the modified text as a second message


[WMS-6693] - sys: enabled by default DTLS-SRTP media encryption between PBXs in WMS Network

[WMS-7349] - col: increased clickable areas for DTMF keypad in Collaboration call dialog window

[WMS-7535] - sys: improved SIP DoS protection

[WMS-7772] - sys: added support for up to 1000 nodes in WMS Network

  • Important: in case there are more than 252 PBXs in WMS Network, they all must be upgraded to WMS v. 5.0. Otherwise, chats, calls, statuses from / to PBXs on WMS 4.03 won't work

[WMS-7773] - sys: added support for showing up to 0,0001 in cost calculation in pricelist and CDR-View

  • new option "Decimal places number in Cost" is available in CDR-View -> Settings and allows changing the number of decimal places to be shown

[WMS-7944] - col: limited size of a group chat title to 1024 symbols

[WMS-7957] - wizy: emails of participants are now matched with PBX users if they are present while creating a video conference

[WMS-8192] - col: increased size of devices selection window in Collaboration

[WMS-8217] - col: redesigned Login page in Collaboration

[WMS-8245] - sys: Identities feature is now compatible with ACL rule "Can/cannot - call pickup"

[WMS-8248] - sys: optimized Chat and Presence server load when a new client connection is established

[WMS-8283] - wms: optimized API response time for all endpoints with basic and session authentication

[WMS-8338] - sys: added possibility to select proper SMB version during Windows share initialization

  • the option "SMB version" is located in WMS Settings -> System -> Storages -> Add NFS/Windows share

[WMS-8368] - wms: refactoring of W-AIR Networks page in WMS -> Devices

[WMS-8375] - sys: improved system performance for systems with large amount of users (> 3000 users)

[WMS-8377] - sys: S2S connection is now established directly (not via vpn) when possible

[WMS-8402] - wms: removed possibility to synchronize time manually on NTP Server page in WMS Settings -> System 

[WMS-8416] - sys: improved the logic of call forwarding to trunks

  • renamed the ACL "Trunk to trunk forward" to "Forward to trunk"
  • changed the behaviour: now the ACL blocks all call forwards to trunk received from trunk/ user extension

[WMS-8435] - col: redesign of Collaboration top menu

[WMS-8498] - api: disabled access to Basic Authentication API for admin users

  • Note: for S2S auth, use PHP HTTP client library (ticket WMS-8204)

[WMS-8573] - sys: enabled TProxy multiple processing for handling multiple connections

  • Note: for PBXs with > 2GB of memory. CPU load is decreased by splitting multiple processes for each CPU core

[WMS-8605] - col: URL previews in Collaboration messages are now displayed in a language set in user's Personal Settings

[WMS-8609] - wms: refactoring of HTTP proxy client page in WMS Settings -> System

[WMS-8616] - wms: improvements for Dialplan rules page in WMS:

  • page refactoring
  • added possibility to edit rules via JSON editor ("Developer" option)

[WMS-8673] - wms: removed support for Zoho API version 2

[WMS-8680] - wms: removed deprecated Colleagues API endpoints:

  • POST /api/v1/Colleagues/
  • PUT /api/v1/Colleagues/{id}/
  • DELETE /api/v1/Colleagues/{id}/
  • DELETE /api/v1/Colleagues/{ids}/

[WMS-8691] - sys: SDES-SRTP feature is now enabled by default on supported devices (BPI/ PRI gateways, WP480G r3/ WP490G r3/ WorkForce, WelcomeConsole)

[WMS-8763] - sys: added support for direct upgrade of BRI/ PRI media gateways via internet connection to or custom server

  • media gateway must have access to the Internet to get a new firmware
  • if there is no Internet access and media gateways provisioned to HW/ VM PBX, enable the option "Enable routing eth0" in WMS Settings -> System -> Network

[WMS-8869] - sys: added possibility to enable audio notification for call intrusion 

Audio notification is disabled by default. To enable it:

  • for all the system: go to WMS Dialplan -> General Settings -> Set dialplan variables -> add INTRUSION_NOTIFICATION=yes
  • for a specific group of users: modify Dialplan procedure used for the group -> add Set application and insert INTRUSION_NOTIFICATION=yes
  • once enabled, a beep sound is played when call intrusion is started

[WMS-8891] - sys: improved Failover procedure

[WMS-9041] - sys: devices connection is now established via TLS:

  • all devices, except GSM trunks (W01GSM and DaySaver) use TLS transport on VM/ HW PBXs (previously it was supported on Cloud PBXs)
  • "Use TLS / SRTP for local devices" option in WMS Settings -> Settings -> PBX -> SIP-RTP is no longer supported and will be deleted from the web the interface later
  • use custom provisioning parameter "SIPTransport" ( to set another protocol


[WMS-8345] - col: fixed an issue in which CDR-View didn't work with a large number of excludes 

[WMS-8511] - sys: fixed no audio issue after attended transfer if a transferee belonged to a different subnet

[WMS-9066] - col: fixed an issue with impossibility to send faxes via Wildix Fax Printer 

[WMS-9108] - sys: fixed no media issue for calls between Collaboration and Android application if callee had mobility feature enabled

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480GR3 v., WP490GR3 v.,  WelcomeConsole v.

[WMS-6918] - dev: fixed an issue with delay of handling calls on WP480GR3, WP490GR3, WelcomeConsole in Failover environment if Secondary PBX was down