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Update repository: rel50. In case of automatic upgrade, make sure to specify the current repository.

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Other changelogs:

WMS5 Highlights Web Page: 


Basic Authentication API access is disabled for admin users (API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#section/Authentication)

Admin users can apply PHP HTTP client library for S2S authentication:

WMS 5.01 Stable upgrade becomes gradually available in different regions/ countries, according to the following schedule:

  • October 13: upgrade available for the PBXs related* to the UK, India, Estonia, Finland, Australia, the Netherlands
  • October 15: United States, Canada
    • October 17 (at night): weekly auto-upgrade available for all the countries listed above
  • October 19: Germany, Austria, Switzerland 
  • October 21: Italy
  • October 23: France, Belgium, Spain
    • October 24 (at night):weekly auto-upgrade available for all the countries listed above
  • October 28 (at night): monthly auto-upgrade available for all the countries

*based on the Wildix sales manager assigned to the Partner (and not on the physical location of the system/ customer)

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20201006.1 Date: 13 October 2020 

IMPORTANT: This version is available only for PBXs related to the countries according to the schedule (see above)!


[WMS-8043] - sys: enabled by default daily auto upgrade for newly created systems

  • Important: The change will become valid only for new PBXs created after 15.10.2020!

[WMS-9816] - api: security improvements for Zoho integration


[WMS-8184] - col: fixed an issue with popup notifications being not displayed for BLF key "Call group" with disabled "Audio notification" option

[WMS-9703] - sys: fixed an issue in which "migrate2cloud" script failed to migrate chats and CDR data from SQLite DB

[WMS-9847] - sys: fixed one way audio issue after answering a call in Collaboration with enabled mobility

[WMS-9852] - sys: fixed an issue with incorrect behaviour of presence status monitoring feature on WP phones when BLF keys stopped displaying presence statuses of monitored users

[WMS-9921] - sys: fixed an issue with failed FXS/ FXO media gateways upgrade due to the empty firmwares.json file on PBX

New Firmwares

[WMS-6512] - dev: new firmware for WelcomeConsole v.

[WMS-9442] - dev: new firmware for WorkForce v.

  • fixed an issue in which dial and ringback tones didn't change after applying Default Tone Zone settings
  • fixed an issue with incorrect audio notification being played instead of a standard BLF audio notification

[WMS-9672] - dev: new firmware for W04FXO r3 v. 27811011 includes performance optimization

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200923.1 Date: 23 September 2020


[WMS-9612] - sys: fixed no audio issue for calls between 2 PBXs in WMS Network located in 2 different routable LAN networks

[WMS-9790] - wms: major security fixes

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200914.1 Date: 16 September 2020

The current version includes the following changes along with generic security improvements:

New Features

[WMS-9325] - wms: added possibility to access storages and NTP Server menus before PBX activation

[WMS-9539] - col: added support for Danish language


[WMS-8990] - col: increased the max number of CDR-View exported records up to 500 000

[WMS-9462] - sys: performance tuning for 1GB PBX instances in order to prevent lack of memory

[WMS-9727] - col: improvements for customer feedback option in Collaboration


[WMS-7345] - sys: fixed an issue with outgoing fax queue being blocked after the first unsuccessful attempt

[WMS-7932] - wms: fixed an issue in which import of user from Active Directory failed if email address contained generic top-level domains

[WMS-8694] - sys: fixed an issue in which PBX engine couldn't access cdr database if MSSQL backend was used with a non-standard port (not 1433)

[WMS-9068] - col: fixed an issue in which user avatars disappeared after zooming in/ out Colleagues page in Collaboration

[WMS-9093] - wms: fixed an issue with impossibility to close device's direct access via "Disconnect" option in WMS -> Devices

[WMS-9140] - wms: fixed an issue in which a Call group member who changed user status to “DND” while being paused for wrap up time or auto pause on no answer, still received Call group calls

[WMS-9169] - sys: fixed no audio issue for calls received via BRI / PRI gateway if a call was answered by a user after IVR or Play sound Dialplan application on Cloud PBX after upgrade to 5.01.20200605.5

[WMS-9179] - wms: fixed an issue with multiple custom destinations/ E-mails being assigned incorrectly after adding them to Fax to e-mail Dialplan application

[WMS-9183] - wms: fixed an issue when it was impossible to save any changes on FAX/SMS server page if PBX was in WMS Network

[WMS-9185] - sys: additional fix for the issue in which WP phones connected to HW/ VM PBX couldn't get firmware after upgrading to WMS 5.0 (initial ticket WMS-9154)

[WMS-9241] - sys: deprecated the old media core behavior when it was possible to switch Direct RTP logic

Note: You won't be able to switch to the previous behaviour

[WMS-9272] - sys: fixed a rare issue in which calls in progress via trunk crashed if debug level was set >3

[WMS-9285] - wms: fixed an issue with incorrect {rand} parameter being added to "Verify number of calls" and "Trunk Group" Dialplan applications if editing via "Developer" option

[WMS-9324] - sys: fixed an issue with PBX engine crash that was caused by corrupted CDR DB tables

[WMS-9384] - sys: fixed an issue with Collaboration freezing under high load

[WMS-9441] - wms: fixed several Dialplan issues in which:

  • Dialplan procedure containing "Jump to if" application was saved incorrectly
  • it was impossible to save Dialplan procedure after removing an application that previously contained an error

[WMS-9490] - sys: fixed an issue in which Paging stopped working after PBX reboot

[WMS-9519] - sys: fixed an issue with audio in some cases for calls in WMS Network after upgrade to 4.04

Issue reproduced in case caller used a device provisioned for using wideband codecs but without support for Opus (e.g a W-AIR user on one PBX calling a WP user on another PBX in WMS network).

[WMS-9527] - sys: fixed an issue in which automatic sync of devices wasn't performed after PBX upgrade

[WMS-9542] - sys: fixed no video issue from Dahua doorphones

[WMS-9586] - sys: fixed periodic PBX engine crash during playback of sound files

[WMS-9603] - sys: fixed one way media issue for a callee after answering a call in Collaboration with enabled mobility

[WMS-9636] - sys: fixed an issue with double authentication when connecting to WebAPI using Chrome browser v. 80 due to disabled support of cross-site cookies

Limitation: the issue still might be present when using Incognito Mode (by default, it blocks third-party cookies). You can change this behaviour (allow all cookies) in chrome://settings/cookies.

[WMS-9641] - col: fixed an issue with "Conference", "Recording" and "Transfer" buttons being unavailable for calls in Collaboration when calling via Diaplan application "Call through remote PBX"

New Firmwares

New firmware for WP480G r3 v., WP490G r3 v., WorkForce v., WelcomeConsole v.

[WMS-8433] - dev: added support for LED indication of presence and call status on MonLED/ DuoLED headsets connected to WorkForce

[WMS-8931] - dev: fixed an issue with no ringback tone on usb headset connected to WorkForce

[WMS-9097] - dev: WorkForce stability improvements

[WMS-9314] - dev: fixed an issue in which WorkForce failed to get DNS settings if Secondary DNS server was set via DHCP

[WMS-9397] - dev: fixes and improvements for srtp lock icon on WP phones

Fixed position and changed color of srtp lock icon (from red to green).

[WMS-9419] - dev: fixed an issue in which incoming concurrent calls were routed only to BLF key "Line 1" on WP phones

New W-AIR firmware version 0501b001 for W-AIR bases and 0501b002 for W-AIR Handsets

[WMS-9321] - dev: fixed an issue in which "Lone Worker" alarms were still active after setting "No movement profile" alarm during handset charge

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200612.2 Date: 12 June 2020


[WMS-9023] - sys: fixed call drop issue for calls received or placed via BRI/ PRI media gateways

Note: W01/02PRI pre 2017 gateways need to be manually rebooted after PBX upgrade is completed.

[WMS-9126] - sys: fixed an issue with BLF keys "Line" not working in WMS Network

[WMS-9154] - dev: fixed an issue when WP phones connected to HW/ VM PBX couldn't get firmware 

[WMS-9163] - sys: fixed no media issue on WP phones connected to Cloud PBX if UDP or TCP was set as SIP Transport via custom provisioning parameter

[WMS-9176] - wms: fixed JSON Web Token validation error during S2S authentication

WMS Stable Version 5.01.20200605.5 Date: 05 June 2020

New Features 

[WMS-7199] - sys: added support for direct RTP between Kite and Web phone 

Added full ICE support for Kite and WebRTC phone:

  • endpoints in the same network - media goes directly
  • endpoints in different networks and open/ moderate NAT - STUN is used to find the best pair of candidates
  • endpoints in different networks, strict NAT - media goes through TURN (on PBX)

The feature is disabled by default. To enable it, add the following line to the file /rw2/etc/kamailio/host_specific_custom.cfg: 

modparam("pv", "varset", "ice_drtp=i:1")

[WMS-7264] - wms: added support for S2S authentication via token for Wildix PBX API

  • the option "API access settings" is located in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Integrations (prev. CRM Integrations)
  • available only for a super admin user
  • API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#tag/Authentication/bearer

[WMS-7504] - sys: call waiting parameter can now be activated for Call Groups with CG strategy “Call All 32”

[WMS-7804] - col: added support for preview of video/ audio files via HTML5 <video>/ <audio> tags and youtube player in Collaboration chats

[WMS-8164] - col: added ability to leave customer feedback in Collaboration

  • the option "Feedback" is located in Collaboration right bottom corner

[WMS-8204] - wms: implemented PHP HTTP client library for using S2S authentication

[WMS-8635] - col: added possibility to edit the last sent chat message in Collaboration


  • press ↑ Up arrow key on your keyboard 
  • the last sent message appears in the input field
  • update it and press Enter key to send 


  • only messages containing links, text or emoticons can be edited
  • to exit the editing mode, you need to delete the entire message from the input field


  • not supported on mobile devices and Kite: a remote side receives the modified text as a second message


[WMS-6693] - sys: enabled by default DTLS-SRTP media encryption between PBXs in WMS Network

[WMS-7349] - col: increased clickable areas for DTMF keypad in Collaboration call dialog window

[WMS-7535] - sys: improved SIP DoS protection

[WMS-7772] - sys: added support for up to 1000 nodes in WMS Network

  • Important: in case there are more than 252 PBXs in WMS Network, they all must be upgraded to WMS v. 5.0. Otherwise, chats, calls, statuses from / to PBXs on WMS 4.03 won't work

[WMS-7773] - sys: added support for showing up to 0,0001 in cost calculation in pricelist and CDR-View

  • new option "Decimal places number in Cost" is available in CDR-View -> Settings and allows changing the number of decimal places to be shown

[WMS-7944] - col: limited size of a group chat title to 1024 symbols

[WMS-7957] - wizy: emails of participants are now matched with PBX users if they are present while creating a video conference

[WMS-8192] - col: increased size of devices selection window in Collaboration

[WMS-8217] - col: redesigned Login page in Collaboration

[WMS-8245] - sys: Identities feature is now compatible with ACL rule "Can/cannot - call pickup"

[WMS-8248] - sys: optimized Chat and Presence server load when a new client connection is established

[WMS-8283] - wms: optimized API response time for all endpoints with basic and session authentication

[WMS-8338] - sys: added possibility to select proper SMB version during Windows share initialization

  • the option "SMB version" is located in WMS Settings -> System -> Storages -> Add NFS/Windows share

[WMS-8368] - wms: refactoring of W-AIR Networks page in WMS -> Devices

[WMS-8375] - sys: improved system performance for systems with large amount of users (> 3000 users)

[WMS-8377] - sys: S2S connection is now established directly (not via vpn) when possible

[WMS-8402] - wms: removed possibility to synchronize time manually on NTP Server page in WMS Settings -> System 

[WMS-8416] - sys: improved the logic of call forwarding to trunks

  • renamed the ACL "Trunk to trunk forward" to "Forward to trunk"
  • changed the behaviour: now the ACL blocks all call forwards to trunk received from trunk/ user extension

[WMS-8435] - col: redesign of Collaboration top menu

[WMS-8498] - api: disabled access to Basic Authentication API for admin users

  • Note: for S2S auth, use PHP HTTP client library (ticket WMS-8204)

[WMS-8573] - sys: enabled TProxy multiple processing for handling multiple connections

  • Note: for PBXs with > 2GB of memory. CPU load is decreased by splitting multiple processes for each CPU core

[WMS-8605] - col: URL previews in Collaboration messages are now displayed in a language set in user's Personal Settings

[WMS-8609] - wms: refactoring of HTTP proxy client page in WMS Settings -> System

[WMS-8616] - wms: improvements for Dialplan rules page in WMS:

  • page refactoring
  • added possibility to edit rules via JSON editor ("Developer" option)

[WMS-8673] - wms: removed support for Zoho API version 2

[WMS-8680] - wms: removed deprecated Colleagues API endpoints:

  • POST /api/v1/Colleagues/
  • PUT /api/v1/Colleagues/{id}/
  • DELETE /api/v1/Colleagues/{id}/
  • DELETE /api/v1/Colleagues/{ids}/

[WMS-8691] - sys: SDES-SRTP feature is now enabled by default on supported devices (BPI/ PRI gateways, WP480G r3/ WP490G r3/ WorkForce, WelcomeConsole)

[WMS-8763] - sys: added support for direct upgrade of BRI/ PRI media gateways via internet connection to or custom server

  • media gateway must have access to the Internet to get a new firmware
  • if there is no Internet access and media gateways provisioned to HW/ VM PBX, enable the option "Enable routing eth0" in WMS Settings -> System -> Network

[WMS-8869] - sys: added possibility to enable audio notification for call intrusion 

Audio notification is disabled by default. To enable it:

  • for all the system: go to WMS Dialplan -> General Settings -> Set dialplan variables -> add INTRUSION_NOTIFICATION=yes
  • for a specific group of users: modify Dialplan procedure used for the group -> add Set application and insert INTRUSION_NOTIFICATION=yes
  • once enabled, a beep sound is played when call intrusion is started

[WMS-8891] - sys: improved Failover procedure

[WMS-9041] - sys: devices connection is now established via TLS:

  • all devices, except GSM trunks (W01GSM and DaySaver) use TLS transport on VM/ HW PBXs (previously it was supported on Cloud PBXs)
  • "Use TLS / SRTP for local devices" option in WMS Settings -> Settings -> PBX -> SIP-RTP is no longer supported and will be deleted from the web the interface later
  • use custom provisioning parameter "SIPTransport" ( to set another protocol


[WMS-8345] - col: fixed an issue in which CDR-View didn't work with a large number of excludes 

[WMS-8511] - sys: fixed no audio issue after attended transfer if a transferee belonged to a different subnet

[WMS-9066] - col: fixed an issue with impossibility to send faxes via Wildix Fax Printer 

[WMS-9108] - sys: fixed no media issue for calls between Collaboration and Android application if callee had mobility feature enabled

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480GR3 v., WP490GR3 v.,  WelcomeConsole v.

[WMS-6918] - dev: fixed an issue with delay of handling calls on WP480GR3, WP490GR3, WelcomeConsole in Failover environment if Secondary PBX was down