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For deployment of PBX as a Virtual Machine/ Server HW/ Cloud, follow the link

By default the following tools are installed on the system:

  • mtr-tiny
  • tsql
  • iftop
  • dig
  • iperf
  • sngrep

Heavy/additional tools that are available but not installed automatically:

  • mysql-client
  • htop
  • mc

W-AIR base - note about upgrading to WMS 4.01

Until the handsets/ headsets have not upgraded to the latest release provided by the base station, the number of calls on a base station must not be more than 6, or the base station will get into a cyclic reboot.
To avoid this issue:

  • plan the upgrade when the handsets are not used
  • put all handsets in their cradle and connected to a power supply
  • allow up to 30 minutes per handset to perform the upgrade

You can check the firmware upgrade progress from W-AIR base interface, menu Extensions, field "FWU Progress" (the value should change to "Complete").

Important: Remote Support Server IP changes; the following IP ranges are now used by Remote Support server (make sure they don’t collide with your internal network ranges):;;

WARNING: Option DHCP 176 is reserved for VLAN configuration of phones. If your DHCP server provides this option disable it or make sure it contains the right VLAN for the phones. 

WMS Stable Version 4.01.44093.23 Date: 17.06.2019

New Features

[WMS-6421] - sys: added support for Pickup groups and Call groups

  • Call group (do not confuse with Call groups (Queues) is a list of group memberships that users belong to for call pickup purposes 
  • Pickup group is a list of groups that users are permitted to pickup in 

The basic functionality is: 

  • User A can pick up any calls belonging to a Call group specified in the user's Pickup groups (and can't pick up other calls) 
  • To pick up calls of the user A, specify the name of a Call group in the user's Call groups 

To enable the functionality: 

  • Go to WMS -> Users -> select a user/ multiple users 
  • Click "Edit preferences" -> Settings 
  • Specify names of Call / Pickup groups 

Names of Call/ Pickup groups: 

  • Can contain only latin letters, digits, "_" and "-". Must be case sensitive 
  • Can not be only digital (can't distinguish from pickup*(extension), gpickup*(id acl group)) 
  • Can not start on cg_ (can't distinguish from pickup*(cg_$id)) 
  • Should be separated by commas 
  • The maximum length of the string is 1024 symbols. The length of a group name and number of callgroups is unlimited 


  • When the new functionality is enabled (means that at least one value is added to "Call groups"/ "Pickup groups" field), BLF "Group pick up" and ACL "Can - Call Pickup -Group" stop working 
  • Instead of the BLF, you can add BLF "Speed dial" indicating FC "Pickup" 88*groupname 

[WMS-6438] - wms: added support for W-AIR Sync Plus Base (coming later)

Note: added a checkbox "Sync Plus via Ethernet" to WMS -> Devices -> W-AIR Networks 

[WMS-6609] - sys: added support for ClasSound

  • ClasSound is a VoIP operator platform provided by Wildix
  • It is a built-in trunk implemented as a new Dialplan procedure "classound" in WMS -> Dialplan
  • If you are interested in setting up ClasSound trunk, please contact Wildix SAT



[WMS-6534] - api: added ACL checking to API /v1/Colleagues/

The following API endpoints are checked according to ACL permissions "Can / cannot Add and remove users" and "Can/ cannot manage group":

  •  POST /api/v1/Colleagues/
  •  PUT /api/v1/Colleagues/:colleagueId/
  •  DELETE /api/v1/Colleagues/:colleagueId/
  •  DELETE  /api/v1/Colleagues/:colleagueIds/


[WMS-6338] - wms: fixed an issue in which parameters changed in "Map" section when importing users were not saved 

[WMS-6486] - sys: fixed an issue in which Call group members dynamically added to a CG with "Call All 32" strategy didn't receive calls from a queue

[WMS-6662] - dev: fixed occasional audio quality issues at the beginning of calls made via DaySaver after SMS support release

[WMS-6665] - sys: fixed a rare issue in which call control may not work from Collaboration when HTTP proxy was present in the path

[WMS-6710] - wms: fixed an issue in which "Power Off" option couldn't be used to shut down Hardware/ Virtual PBXs

New Firmware

New firmware for DaySaver version

[WMS-6242] - dev: closed unnecessary ports on DaySaver

[WMS-6550] - dev: busy tone detection in VoLTE channel is turned off by default to prevent calls from accidental drops

WMS Stable Version 4.01.44034.20 Date: 03.06.2019

New Features

[WMS-5947] – app: Headset integration v. 2.6.1 (Windows) adds support for:

  • Jabra Dial 550 handset (requires WiService v. 2.9.16, WMS-6234):
    • Supported features:
      • possibility to place / answer / hang up a call
      • possibility to switch between handsfree and handset mode
  • Sennheiser SDW 5 BS-EU Headset

[WMS-6136] - wizy: added support for Wizyconf in WMS

Documentation is coming later on.

[WMS-6331] - api: added API to get / add / remove dynamic members for Call groups

Available API endpoints:

  •  GET /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/ - list of call groups
  •  GET /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/:id/ - single call group/ a list of members (static + dynamic)
  •  POST /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/:id/members/dynamic/ - add a dynamic member / device
  •  DELETE /v1/PBX/settings/CallQueues/:id/members/dynamic/:member/ - remove a dynamic member / device from a call group

Note: For DELETE query in parameter ":member" it is necessary to encode special charsets to URI format. For example: "Local%2F22%40internalcalls"

Current limitation: impossible to add members to a Call group with "Call All 32" strategy

Documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/doc/index.html#tag/Call-Queue

[WMS-6234] – app: WIService v. 2.9.16 (Windows) adds support for Jabra Dial 550 handset


[WMS-6116] - wms: it is now impossible to have the same phone number as "Office" and "Mobile"

[WMS-6208] - dev: custom configuration of DaySaver LAN port is now allowed

[WMS-6239] - dev: implemented support for HD codecs on WP480 r3, WP490 r3 

Note: it is necessary to activate the codecs on your PBX (refer to the documentation

[WMS-6321] - col: chat input options are now hidden when entering text in Collaboration chat session

[WMS-6424] - api: improvement for PBX APIs Candidates and GET /iOS/Config/:

  • Disabled returning of local and public IP candidates for Cloud PBXs, only PBX domain name is returned 

[WMS-6443] - wms: "Halt" option used for shutting down Hardware/ Virtual PBXs was renamed to "Power Off"


[WMS-6030] - col: fixed an issue with a call being not displayed in History of a transferor after completing a blind transfer in Collaboration

[WMS-6280] - col: fixed an issue in which slash symbols "/" were added to Popup URL configured in Settings -> Personal after re-login to Collaboration/ Native App

[WMS-6318] - dev: fixed an issue with "Key/Display" page being not displayed on the web interface of WP480G/490G r3, WelcomeConsole if any language except of English was set

[WMS-6347] - dev: fixed an issue in which a caller name was not fully displayed on WP480G/ 490G r3, WelcomeConsole when receiving or answering a call

[WMS-6389] -  sys: fixed an issue in which Failover activation returned errors while executing sync_pbx script

[WMS-6455] - col: fixed an issue with chat history not working in case of no free space on CDR partition when using DB different from SQLite

[WMS-6458] - fixed an issue in which DaySaver could send duplicated SMS if it failed to be sent at the first attempt

[WMS-6466] - fixed an issue in which only Call group members dynamically added via BLF "Contact center" received calls from a queue

New Firmwares

New firmware for WP480G r3 version, WP490G r3 version, WelcomeConsole version

[WMS-5960] - dev: fixed an issue with unexpected restart of WP480G/ 490G r3 under high call load

[WMS-6274] - wms: added a new ACL "Can/ cannot use - advanced phone settings menu" on WP480G r3, WP490G r3, WelcomeConsole

By default, ACL is disabled. If enabled, users have no access to "Menu -> Network" and "Menu -> Autoprovision" settings

[WMS-6291] - dev: added WelcomeConsole USB Headset support 

  • audio supported by most models 
  • WHS-MONO / WHS-DUO support mute / volume / call control 
  • Jabra 360 / 370 and models using standard USB signaling support call control

New firmware for W-AIR, W-AIR-SB version 450b8

[WMS-6035] - dev: fixed an issue with random drop of outgoing calls made via W-AIR Headset in Collaboration

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43971.21 Hotfix Date: 27.05.2019

[WMS-6572] - fixed an issue with unexpected LDAP reinitialization due to poor network connection

WMS Stable Hotfix Date: 23.05.2019

SIP Proxy package 4.01.20190522

[WMS-6570] - sys: fixed an issue with SIP Proxy being unable to start if SSL certificate was not updated

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43971.20 Date: 20.05.2019

New Features

[WMS-6282] - sys: added a new Feature code "Pause recording" *2 to pause/ resume call recordings during a call

  • "Pause Recording" is added to the "Incall features" section of Feature Codes (WMS -> Dialplan)
  • How-to: during a call, press *2 to pause/ resume call recording


[WMS-6412] - sys: added USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING variable to forbid/ allow users to pause/ resume a system recording via FC "Pause recording" *2 

By default, users are allowed pausing/ resuming a system recording.

To forbid, use the variable:

  • as Global Dialplan variable: go to WMS -> Dialplan -> General Settings -> Set dialplan variables and add "USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING=no"
  • via Dialplan apllication "Set" -> USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING -> no
  • via Dialplan application Custom application -> Set(USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING=no) 



[WMS-6087] - sys: external lookup results are now displayed in CDR-View

Limitation: in rare cases caller name can be duplicated.

[WMS-6411] - sys: users are no longer allowed stopping/ starting a personal call recording if a system recording is already ongoing

Error beep is played in case users try to stop the recording. 


[WMS-6119] - col: fixed an issue with impossibility to use phonebooks in Collaboration after importing due to incorrect conversion of some Unicode symbols to UTF-8

[WMS-6149] - wms: fixed an issue in which a Call Group member who enabled the option "Unavailable on away/ dnd", didn't receive incoming CG calls after changing the status from "Away/ DND" to "Available"

[WMS-6337] - sys: fixed an issue when a call popup in Zoho CRM remained for 45 sec after completing an outgoing call

[WMS-6392] - dev: fixed an issue in which SMS sending via W01GSM didn't work

[WMS-6430] - col: fixed an issue with random call drop in case "direct-rtp" feature is disabled

[WMS-6477] - sys: fixed an issue in which wmsmount unit file couldn't be launched after PBX boot if SMB share was used

[WMS-6479] - sys: fixed call drop issue after SIP session timer update due to closed connection by TProxy

New Firmware

New firmware for WP410 r2 version

[WMS-5973] - dev: improvements for WP410 r2:

  • reduced audio init delay upon receiving external calls
  • improved the speed of caching DNS replies for XML browser loading
  • added possibility to filter multiple syslog streams from different phones using MAC addresses in Syslog Server (WMS -> Devices -> Edit -> Syslog Server)

New firmware for WP480G r3 version, WP490G r3 version, WelcomeConsole version, WPEHS adapter version 

[WMS-6078] - dev: dev: added support for Plantronics Headsets Voyager Legend CS, SAVI W730-M, W710 connected via WPEHS

Note: To use the mentioned Plantronics models, you need to update WPEHS firmware, documentation:

New firmware for W24FXS r2 version

[WMS-6401] - dev: fixed an issue in which Static IP address set before provisioning of W24FXS r2 changed to Default DHCP after restart of provisioned Gateway

New firmware for DaySaver version

[WMS-6402] - dev: fixed an issue in which a wrong destination of a sent SMS via DaySaver could cause failure of the following destinations

[WMS-6454] - dev: fixed no audio issue on DaySaver in some rare conditions after firmware release v.

[WMS-6481] - dev: fixed an issue in which DaySaver determined a provisioning link as invalid in some cases

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43940.17 Date: 06.05.2019

New Features

[WMS-5927] - sys: improvements for ESPA Monitor and the possibility to make configuration for non ESPA systems


[WMS-6223] - dev: added the possibility to distinguish W-AIR Base Stations in multicell installations by W-AIR Base Station Name

  • To display Base station name, add its name to "Comment" field in WMS -> Devices. For example "room 1"
  • The name is displayed in "Base Station Name" filed on the device’s web interface -> Multi cell -> Base Station Group

[WMS-6339] - col: added support for Finnish language

Suomi can be set as user's language in Collaboration.


[WMS-6082] - col: added letters to DTMF dialpad in Collaboration

[WMS-6093] - col: options to start screen sharing/ create video conferences in Collaboration chat messages were moved to a separate submenu; mute icon is now crossed out by default (flashing when muted)

How-to: open a chat session with a user -> click on "More actions" button (three dots) in the upper right section of the screen -> select "Video Conference"/ "Screen"

[WMS-6273] - col: improved displaying of the latest installed version of Collaboration extensions: "Installed" is now displayed instead of "Re-install"


[WMS-6102] - app: Screen Sharing component v. 3.2.5 (Windows) fixes an issue with screen sharing freezing after a period of time

[WMS-6120] - sys: fixed an issue with impossibility to make more than one attended transfer of the same call using Feature Code #8 

[WMS-6122] - app: Screen Sharing component 3.2.4 fixes an issue with a wrong size of a red border in multi-monitor environment on macOS

[WMS-6200] - app: WIService v. 2.9.15 (Windows) fixes an issue with impossibility to generate a call using click2call feature (tel:, sip: and callto: URI) if WIService was installed as MSI package

[WMS-6216] - sys: reduced the delay of multicast-paging if a Paging group contained more than 16 users

[WMS-6237] - sys: fixed call drop issue after SIP session timer update in case of TCP/ TLS reconnections

[WMS-6320] - app: Fax Printer v. 3.0.6 (Windows) fixes an issue when it was impossible to send faxes starting from version 3.0.4

[WMS-6322] - sys: fixed an issue with PBX engine crash via AMI interface while processing nonexistent session

[WMS-6340] - dev: fixed an issue with SMS sending not working after initial provisioning of DaySaver

[WMS-6362] - dev: fixed an issue in which incoming calls to W24FXS r2, W02-24FXS r3 were dropped if HD codecs were enabled on PBX

[WMS-6373] - dev: fixed a rare issue when it was impossible to send SMS via DaySaver after PBX reboot

New Firmware

New firmware for W24FXS r3 version, W02FXS r3 version

[WMS-6325] - dev: fixed a rare issue in which a gateway couldn't switch to Main PBX in Failover scenario

WMS Stable Hotfix Date: 02.05.2019

Wildix firmwares package 2.0.43947.17

New firmware for WP480 r3 version, WP490 r3 version

[WMS-6345] - dev: fixed an issue with audio interruption after merging two external calls into conference

WMS Stable Hotfix Date: 25.04.2019

Wildix-base package 4.01.50395

[WMS-6399] - sys: fixed an issue with Mail2Fax not working due to missed package responsible for fax sending

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43886.15 Date: 22.04.2019

New Feature

[WMS-6276] - col: added PBX Legal Notice related to Open Source Software

To view: access Collaboration -> Other (top menu) -> click "About 4.01.xxxxx.xx" to open Software License Agreements page


[WMS-4866] - wms: added support for Spanish and American Spanish languages

ES/ ES-US can be set:

  • as user's language in Collaboration
  • as the default PBX language

[WMS-5810] - dev: added TLS support for WP480R3 and WP490R3, WelcomeConsole in Failover scenario

  • For remote devices, TLS is used as the default transport
  • For local devices, TLS is used if the option "Use TLS / SRTP for local devices" is enabled, otherwise - TCP
  • Timeouts in seconds (switch to backup/ main): 95-145/ 60-105
  • If necessary, it is possible to return TCP transport for remote devices using custom provisioning parameters "SIPTransport" / "SIPTransportRemote"

Updated Failover Guide:

[WMS-5944] - sys: added the possibility to enable HD codecs on PBX (BETA version)


  • Currently supported devices: Collaboration, Android v. 4.01.12/ iOS v. 7.1.35284 apps, WelcomeConsole v. (WMS-6020)
  • The feature works for PBXs in WMS Network


  • The feature is disabled by default
  • To enable it, edit the file /etc/callweaver/sip-general-custom.conf by adding the following lines: 

  • Run the command: callweaver -rx “sip reload”

Well-known issue (fixed in WMS-6362): 

  • Calls are dropped when they are placed from Collaboration to FXS r2-r3 if HD codecs are enabled 

[WMS-6094] - col: added notification in case Collaboration sounds are muted by Chrome's Autoplay Policy

Note: To activate sound notifications in Collaboration, click on the notification


[WMS-5796] - sys: fixed an issue in which a newly created user added to a Call Group was not set on pause for the duration of wrap-up time after completing a call

[WMS-5887] - sys: fixed an issue with call waiting enabled for a Call group not working for dynamically added CG members

[WMS-6171] - sys: fixed an issue with LOOKUPPHONEBOOK function not returning the performing result if the first variable contained commas

[WMS-6175] - sys: sys: fixed an issue with RTPengine being unable to start after PBX first boot

[WMS-6183] - sys: fixed one way audio issue during an audio conference if participants located on different PBXs in WMS Network

[WMS-6189] - sys: fixed an issue in which a caller could not leave a Call group queue after sending DTMF 

[WMS-6224] - sys: fixed an issue in which BLF configuration was not applied to WP410R2 with MAC Addresses range 9C751407XXXX

[WMS-6231] - sys: fixed an issue with impossibility to use DaySaver if number of sim indicated in GSM Trunk Settings started with "+" symbol

[WMS-6241] - wms: fixed an issue in which PBX domain name was not requested from the portal after starting the system

[WMS-6256] - app: Fax Printer v. 3.0.5 (Windows) fixes an issue with corruption of ports settings for Microsoft Print to PDF

[WMS-6369] - sys: fixed an issue when it was impossible to call using Zoho integration after WMS Stable version 4.01.43820.16

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480G r3 version, WP490G r3 version, WelcomeConsole version, WPEHS adapter version 

[WMS-6020] - dev: implemented support for HD codecs on WelcomeConsole

Note: after firmware upgrade, you need to activate the codecs on your PBX (refer to WMS-5944)

[WMS-6078] - dev: dev: added support for Plantronics Headsets Voyager Legend CS, SAVI W730-M, W710 connected via WPEHS

Note: To use the mentioned Plantronics models, you need to update WPEHS firmware, documentation:

[WMS-6182] - dev: improved Spanish translations of WP4X0 2017 and Welcome Console

New firmware for W-AIR devices, W-AIR Base Stations version 0450b0007

Important!: W-AIR firmware v450 is compatible ONLY with WMS version 4.01. Please do NOT use upgraded W-AIR devices on WMS 3.88. Downgrade to the previous fw v410 is impossible! 

[WMS-4915] - dev: fixed an issue in which W-AIR Headset took a caller off hold on secondary call

[WMS-5957] - dev: fixed an issue in which W-AIR Base couldn't be connected to PBX via TLS in case of no internet connection for more than 1 minute

[WMS-6174] - dev: changed names of W-AIR 70/ 150 Handsets 

  • W-AIR 70 -> W-AIR Basic
  • W-AIR 150 -> W-AIR LifeSaver 

[WMS-6303] - dev: fixed an issue with W-AIR Central Directory settings received via provision config being not saved automatically

New firmware for DaySaver version

[WMS-6019] - dev: fixed one way audio issue on DaySaver when switching to Direct-RTP

[WMS-6086] - dev: added SMS support to DaySaver

[WMS-6236] - dev: fixed an issue in which upgrade from version to caused to failure of provisioning

[WMS-6305] - dev: fixed and improved the following DaySaver issues:


  • improved provisioning mechanism: at first the device updates the firmware and then receives the config


  • calls and SMS functionality were unavailable for some time due to no response from SIM module 
  • it was impossible to access the device after provisioning and reboot

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43820.16 Date: 11.04.2019


[WMS-6301] - wms: fixed an issue with WMS menu being unavailable if PBX was opened via portal after upgrade to WMS version 4.01.43820.12

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43820.15 Date: 10.04.2019


[WMS-6292] - wms: fixed an issue with impossibility to select/ change IVR sound files after upgrade to WMS version 4.01.43820.12

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43820.12 Date: 08.04.2019


[WMS-5912] - dev: added the possibility to change the default PIN code for W-AIR SB


  • Add a custom provisioning parameter “w-air-sb-pin=0000-9999” indicating the new PIN to [wildixair] section of /rw2/etc/provision.conf file

Updated documentation:

[WMS-5962] - sys: added possibility to adjust the resolution of outgoing faxes sent via Fax Server

  • The default resolution is 204x196 (fine)
  • To change it, edit the file /rw2/etc/faxglobal.conf by specifying the desired resolution. For example, XResolution=204 YResolution=391
  • Other widespread resolutions: 204x98, 204x391, 408x391

Updated documentation:

[WMS-6130] - dev: default configuration improvements for DaySaver

  • Improved SIP registration time value 
  • DHCP is now not forced via provisioning

[WMS-6168] - wms: only one URL based on PBX domain/ serial is now sent in welcome message to newly created users for accessing Collaboration on HW/ VM PBXs


[WMS-5649] - col: fixed an issue when it was impossible to transfer a call received from a user who called via "Mobility extension lookup" 

[WMS-5934] - col: fixed one way audio issue after a call was put on hold and then resumed in Collaboration

[WMS-5972] - app: Fax Printer v. 3.0.4 (Windows) fixes an issue with poor quality of sent faxes

[WMS-6038] - col: fixed an issue with Collaboration could not be loaded when logging in Chrome 74.0.XXXX

[WMS-6076] - sys: fixed no audio issue after completing attended call transfer of an external call from one WP4X0 to another

[WMS-6113] - sys: fixed a rare issue in which PBX engine failed to run external scripts

[WMS-6118] - col: fixed icons for displaying Android/ iOS/ W-AIR Headset in the list of active devices in Collaboration

[WMS-6126] - col: fixed an issue with broken button "New conference" in languages other than English when creating a new videoconference in Collaboration

[WMS-6163] - sys: fixed an issue with PBX engine crashing after enabling Dialplan debug

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480 r3 version, WP490 r3 version, WelcomeConsole version

[WMS-6083] - dev: added possibility to filter multiple syslog streams from different phones using MAC addresses in Syslog Server (WMS -> Devices -> Edit -> Syslog Server) 

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43768.12 Date: 25.03.2019

New Feature

[WMS-5895] - sys: voicemail pin code is now requested by default for the USA and Canada

Note: to disable this behavior, add ACL “Can use voicemail without pin code”


[WMS-5952] - sys: improved mobile apps call push notifications delivery in case of multiple SIP registrations

[WMS-6001] - api: added PBX API to return global history of calls

  • added new API endpoint - GET /api/v1/PBX/CallHistory/
  • current filter allows only filtering by date
  • specific call values can be set via query parameters when making API request
  • limitation: available only for admin and not limited by ACL rules
  • limitation: only voicemail recordings can be received from PBXs in WMS Network

Documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#operation/getPBXCallHistory


[WMS-5961] - sys: fixed an issue when it was impossible to send DTMF via Collaboration if a call was placed from WP600 pre 2015

[WMS-5977] - col: fixed an issue when it was impossible to use chats in Collaboration if a message contained wrong XML data

[WMS-6018] - sys: fixed an issue in which DaySaver could not accept DTMF tones sent during incoming calls

[WMS-6065] - wms: removed and disabled remote support for Cloud PBXs (WMS Settings -> Tools and Utilities -> Remote Support)

[WMS-6073] - fixed an issue with high memory usage of PBX engine if EXTCONTACTLOOKUP Dialplan variable was enabled

New Firmware

New firmware for W02FXS r3 version, W04FXS r3, W24FXS r2 version

[WMS-5701] - dev: fixed an issue in which Static IP address set before provisioning of W02FXS, W04FXS, W24FXS r3 changed to Default DHCP after restart of provisioned Gateway

New firmware for WP480 R3 version, WP490 R3 version, WelcomeConsole version

[WMS-5982] - dev: improved the speed of caching DNS replies for XML browser loading

WMS Stable Hotfix Date: 21.03.2019

Lua-base package 4.01.50399

[WMS-6148] – dev: added support for WP4X0 R3 with MAC Addresses range 9C75140[4-8]XXXX

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43713.09 Hotfix Date: 12.03.2019


[WMS-6079] - wms: fixed an issue with missed UK Time zone in WMS Settings -> Language & Region

WMS Stable Hotfix Date: 06.03.2019

wms-wildix2-firmwares package 2.0.43733.09

New firmware for WP480 r3 version, WP490 r3 version

[WMS-6025] – dev: reduced the ringtone volume on WP480 / 490 2017

WMS Stable Hotfix Date: 05.03.2019

wildix-base package 4.01.50329

[WMS-6059] - sys: fixed an issue with monit restarting processes on Cloud PBXs running WMS 4.01

WMS Stable Version 4.01.43713.08 Date: 01.03.2019

New features

[WMS-2633] - sys: re-design of telephony part of the Kite service and allow calls from Collaboration to Kite users

[WMS-3309] - wms: added option “Exit if all members: busy, paused/ wrap up, ringing” for Call groups (WMS -> Dialplan -> Call Groups -> Edit strategy)

If enabled, calls placed to a Call group are handled according to the next Dialplan procedure in case all Call group members are busy, paused or have incoming calls

Limitation: The feature does not work for 'Call All 32' strategy

[WMS-3429] - col: added support for Direct RTP feature on macOS (Collaboration -> Settings -> Web Phone -> Enable direct-rtp (experimental)

[WMS-4111] - dev: added support for Spanish language on WP4X0 2015-2017

[WMS-4417] - app: added support for native MacOS contacts lookup and call integration in Collaboration 

Note: Integration with native MacOS contacts is enabled automatically starting from WiService version 2.9.9 and higher


  • Integration service (WiService) component (starting from version 2.9.9 and higher)
  • Permissions for WiService should be activated in macOS Security & Privacy -> Contacts

How to use:

  • Enter MacOS contact's name or number into Search field of Collaboration
  • Select any option (Call, SMS, Show contact etc) from the drop-down list

[WMS-4130] - added integration with Zoho CRM


  • Import users from Zoho CRM
  • Go to WMS Settings -> PBX -> Zoho CRM
  • Press Connect button
  • Press Sync button
  • Make a call from any Wildix device, Collaboration or Zoho CRM
  • View the information about the call in Zoho CRM

[WMS-4237] - wms: added support for importing of users from Zoho CRM

Documentation: Zoho CRM integration with Wildix PBX.

[WMS-4458] - wms: added a new ACL "Can/ cannot call -  international”  

[WMS-4510] - added support for encryption when connecting to AD and LDAP servers

[WMS-4590] - sys: added a new ACL "Can/ cannot use - Trunk to trunk transfer"

By default, ACL is disabled. If enabled, a call will be hung up during transfer, including blind and attended transfers, and also calls from Kite.

[WMS-4696] - app: added support of upgrading WP600ACG, Vision and SuperVision phones firmware from custom firmware server in case main host is unreachable

How-to: Go to WMS -> Settings -> Tool and utilities -> Upgrade -> tick off the checkbox "Custom firmware server" and enter custom firmware sever IP or domain name.

Limitation: If DNS mask is down, the feature won't work.

[WMS-4845] - wms: added support for automatic Active Directory SSO (single sign-on) via Kerberos protocol

How-to: Go to WMS -> Settings -> PBX -> Security -> enable "Active Directory Single SignOn via Kerberos (Negotiate)" option and upload KeyTab file previously generated in Active Directory.

Limitation: Only "0-9", "a-z", "A-Z", "_," '- ", "@", "." characters are allowed in KeyTab file name.

[WMS-4946] - dev: added BLF "Contact center" on WP that allows logging into Call groups as a dynamic user


  • Add BLF "Contact center" via Collaboration (Collaboration -> Settings -> Function keys) or WMS (WMS -> Users -> Edit preferences -> Settings -> Function keys)
  • Press BLF "Contact center" on WP 
  • Press "Sign-in" Soft key 
  • Select a Call group you would like to log in and press "Switch" Soft key
  • To log out from a Call group, press "Switch" Soft key 

Note: It is impossible to log out from Call groups where you are statically added as a member.

[WMS-5070] - sys: added support for transfer forwarded calls back to receptionist in case a call was transferred by a user and not answered by a transferee 

How to implement: To transfer call to a receptionist, create Dialplan procedure named "receptionist" and specify the destination for the "default" extension.

Limitation: Currently, the feature is disabled for PBXs with USA country code. To activate it, consult documentation.

Documentation: How to transfer external forwarded and parked calls back to a receptionist

[WMS-5072] - dev: added a custom provisioning parameter "MelodyBLF" which enables a ringtone to be played instead of a beep for WP BLFs if audio notification is enabled 

By default, the parameter is disabled. To enable it, add "MelodyBLF=yes" to the file /rw2/etc/provision.conf. 

[WMS-5180] - col: added a possibility to assign contacts from shared phonebooks to owners

How-to: add an owner via new field "Contact owner" when creating/ editing a contact in Collaboration.

[WMS-5196] - wms: added support for import of contacts from Infusionsoft (WMS -> Users -> Phonebooks -> Import -> select "Infusionsoft" from the list) to allow automatic call routing to assigned agents (owners of contacts (implemented in WMS-5180). 

Limitation: the email address of the owner should be present both in Infusionsoft and local LDAP. 

Documentation: How to automatically route calls to contact owners.

[WMS-5197] - sys: added support of a new function ${LOOKUPPHONEBOOK (valuetolookup, fieldswelookup, fieldwewant)} that allows searching for a specified parameter of a contact in shared phonebooks


  • Add Dialplan application "Set"
  • Inset the function MYVAR=${LOOKUPPHONEBOOK(valuetolookup, fieldswelookup, fieldwewant)})


  • MYVAR - the variable to which the result of performing LOOKUPPHONEBOOK function is saved
  • valuetolookup - the value that we are looking for. Can be a channel variable
  • fieldswelookup - the list of fields to search by. Multiple values, separated by commas, are allowed (in this case we need to use single quotes)
  • fieldwewant - the field whose value to return

For example: OWNER -> ${ LOOKUPPHONEBOOK(CALLER_NUMBER, 'office, mobile', 'owner_id')}

How the system performs  LOOKUPPHONEBOOK: SELECT fieldwewant FROM all_shared_phonebooks WHERE (fieldwelookup_1=valuetolookup OR fieldwelookup_2=valuetolookup OR ...)

Example of usage: How to automatically route calls to contact owners.

[WMS-5289] - sys: added support for ASR in Dialplan that allows creating IVRs with voice control;

Note: this feature also adds support for Dial by name via ASR in Italian, French and German languages (in addition to English)


  • Per user systems (feature not available for lifetime PBXs) with Premium license


Create IVR in Dialplan using "Set" application with the following variables:

  • ASR_IVR_PROMPT (string) - allows overriding the welcome message of the original application
  • ASR_IVR_PATTERN_X (string (keyword1, keyword2, number) - where X is the ordinal number of the application: 1, 2, 3 etc (note: the pattern numbers should be placed in the numerical order). The variables are used to set keyword lists. Keywords are listed separated by commas. The last value is the number to which the call will be transferred if the recognized text matching one of the keywords (the current procedure is used by default; to change the destination procedure, use variable ASR_IVR_DIALPLAN)
  • ASR_IVR_DIALPLAN (string (Dialplan procedure name) - allows changing the destination procedure for the numbers, specified in ASR_IVR_PATTERN_X
  • ASR_DIALBYNAME (yes (default) / no) - allows/ forbids searching by first and last name of employees
  • ASR_IVR_ATTEMPTS number (default value = 3) - allows changing the number of failed attempts to recognize before moving to the next application

After setting all desired variables, set the application "IVR via ASR with Directory". 

Documentation: How to configure IVR via ASR with Directory in Dialplan

[WMS-5350] - col: added support for audio and video calls from Collaboration in Firefox browser

[WMS-5539] - wms: added the possibility to remove user's personal data (calls, chats, voicemails, phonebooks, recordings, faxes) when deleting this user 


  • The feature will work for standalone PBXs or for WMS Networks PBXs which share the same MySQL or MSSQL DB 

  • If a user to be deleted is an owner of contacts in shared phonebooks, than contacts will remain without an owner

[WMS-5463] - wms: added the possibility to create/ import multiple users with the same name

Important: login via user name is no longer supported!

Import/ export notes:

  • Import of already existing users is based on a parameter from "Full Name" field
  • Import of new users is based on "SourceId" field
  • Users are exported with 2 additional fields: "ID" and "SourceId", where
    - "SourceId" for already existing users is filled with "Full Name" value
    -  a unique ID is used for import of newly created users (not imported yet)
    -  a custom value indicated in "SourceId" is used for newly imported users

[WMS-5630] - col: added possibility to send pictures/ files in group chats

[WMS-5762] - sys: added a custom global Dialplan variable "DIALBYNAME_PROMPT=custom string" that allows overriding of a standard prompt when calling via "Dial By Name / Directory" Dialplan application or Feature code "Directory" 82 (ASR only) 


  • Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> General Settings -> Set dialplan variable
  • Insert the variable DIALBYNAME_PROMPT=custom string, for example: DIALBYNAME_PROMPT=Please say the first name of the person you wish to call

[WMS-5845] - app: screen sharing component v. 3.2.3

  • Added the possibility for viewers to see mouse movements/ pointer

[WMS-5866] - col: added the option to manage ubiconf conferences

  • The option is available in Collaboration top menu/ Messaging tab via "Video Conference" button
  • It allows creating/ deleting/ viewing videoconferences

[WMS-5881] - sys: added support for a new Dialplan function "REGUSERS" that allows getting information about the registration of a user/ users


  • Use "Jump to if" Dialplan application and insert the needed condition. For example: 
    • Jump to if -> "${REGUSERS(152)}"="0" - if user 152 has a registered device (excluding push), the execution result will be "1", otherwise "0"
    • Jump to if -> "${REGUSERS(200,201,202)}"="0" - if at least one of the users has at least one registered device (excluding push), the execution result will be "1", otherwise "0"

[WMS-5969] - sys: added support for voicemail forwarding to multiple users on WP


  1. Press "Voicemail" key and select a message to be forwarded
  2. Press "Info" Soft key and select "Forward to"
  3. Specify extension/ extensions separated by * (asterisk)
  4. Press "Enter" Soft key


  • Currently available only in English
  • Forwarding is possible only for users of the same PBX (not in WMS network)
  • It is impossible to forward voicemail to a user who never used voicemail

[WMS-6010] - dev: provisioning of WelcomeConsole is now available starting from WMS version 4.01.43713.08

Documentation on remote provisioning:


[WMS-3722] - wms: refactoring and redesign of FAX/SMS server page

[WMS-3852] - sys: improved user authorization procedure on WP using login service 99 and PIN checking to access Voicemail

Note: A phone will be blocked in case of invalid entering of a password/ PIN: 5 attempts - 30 seconds, 10 attempts - 30 seconds, every next - 60 seconds. 

[WMS-3902] - col: added a drop-down list to perform quick actions (chat, call, post-it, call me back etc) when selecting a colleague in Colleagues (roster), Messaging and Function keys tabs

How-to: mouse over a colleague, click Options button (three dots)/ right click on a colleague to see the drop-down list with available actions 

[WMS-3904] - col: added support for 2FA authentication via SMS / email


  • Make sure user’s email/ mobile number is present in Collaboration ->  Settings -> Personal to login with 2FA

  • To allow/ forbid login with 2FA, use ACL “can / cannot” “connect without 2fa”

  • Supported also by Vision/ SuperVision and WP600A(CG) starting from version 2.9.98

  • Login with 2FA is not available for Google / Office 365 single sign-on


  • 2FA via SMS/ email is not saved in case user is moved to another PBX in WMS Network

  • 2FA is not disabled for admin user after changing admin password from the console using the option "4" change admin password"

[WMS-3911] - sys: added a new ACL “Can/ cannot use voicemail without pin code”


  • Since the new ACL was added, provisioning parameter “XMLBrowserAuth” is no longer supported

  • By default this ACL is disabled (which means, users can use voicemail without PIN code)

  • Collaboration does not support PIN code

[WMS-4015] - col: redesign of Collaboration interface

What’s new:

  • Added call button to the Search field
  • Settings and Map View tabs were moved to Other (expanded) menu

  • Option to create chat/ video conferences as well as the access to created ones was moved to More actions dialog window

[WMS-4238] - wms: user’s email should always be unique (user’s email address can not be added if another user already has the same one)

[WMS-4496] - "#" is now removed from called number if Dialplan procedure uses Applications "Play sound and wait for digits" and "Wait for digits" and there is no "i" number 

[WMS-4532] - sys: caller name is now pronounced for calls to user's mobility number 


  • TTS service (per user system, Premium license, no lifetime)
  • "Mobility confirmation" option enabled
  • Caller name must be found during name lookup

[WMS-4846] - wms: added developer documentation of API to get SIP proxy registrations for all users and by user extensions

Documentation: https://<pbx-host>/api/v1/doc/ (available only for admin users)

[WMS-5071] - sys: improved quality of voicemail messages: now VBR=0 (variable bitrate with high quality) compression is used 

[WMS-5137] - col: improved Help menu of Attendant Console: added hotkey "/" to complete a blind transfer 

[WMS-5199] - col: improvements for Attendant Console when making a new call or transfer

  • The search of a contact can be performed using Organization (Company) name
  • If there is no search result, a notification"{search request} not found" is displayed 

[WMS-5342] - col: improved Attendant console when using with Apple VoiceOver solution: voiceover of user's additional phone numbers is now available


  • Enable VoiceOver
  • Open Attendant console and press + to make a new call
  • Start typing user's name/ extension
  • Use arrow keys to navigate 
  • In case the user has additional numbers, the system plays them back

[WMS-5466] - col: redesign of group chat 

[WMS-5471] - sys: added new ACL rules "Can/ cannot set Custom ring", "Can/ cannot notify Missed calls via email", "Can/ cannot notify Missed calls via SMS"

[WMS-5489] - col: 360p camera resolution format (16:9) is now used for one to one video calls

Limitation: local video is displayed in the old format (4:3) using Firefox.

[WMS-5582] - sys: live search on WP 2015-2017 now starts after entering the second symbol (digit or letter)

[WMS-5641] - sys: it is now impossible to enable CDR MSSQL and CDR MySQL with empty passwords 

[WMS-5668] - api: added support for call control for web integration service library

  • Implemented the following methods and events in Telefony plugin: answer, hangup, hold, unhold
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated dist directory (Backbone.js was updated from v1.3.3 to v1.4.0)


[WMS-5756] - wms: WMS Network improvements: 

  • Improved sync time between Server and Client PBXs 
  • Added sync progress status information when activating Client PBX

[WMS-5856] - col: it is now impossible to access Collaboration via Internet Explorer browser

[WMS-5874] - col: optimized the process of API requesting colleagues list to avoid frequent load on LDAP

[WMS-5898] - sys: improved scheduled backup to FTP in case of multiple PBXs: backup is now started at 00:00-05:00 randomly in order to prevent big load on FTP Server


[WMS-4065] - wms: radius support has been removed from LDAP Server / Radius page under WMS Settings -> System

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