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Update repository: rel60beta

In case of automatic upgrade, make sure to specify the current repository.

Link for sharing:


API admin user authentication:

It is recommended to use PHP HTTP client library for S2S authentication:

API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#section/Authentication

WMS Beta 6.01.20220628.1 Date: 28.06.2022


[WMS-12641] - wms: updated design of FXO section on Trunks page in WMS and added new API endpoints for FXO trunks: - GET /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/ - Get a list of FXO trunks

  • POST /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/ - Create an FXO trunk
  • PUT /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/{id} - Update an FXO trunk by id
  • DELETE /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/{id} - Delete an FXO trunk by id

    API documentation can be accessed via PBX and by the link:  

[WMS-14242] - sys: added an option to allow calls from users that have the same public IP address as a static trunk How-to:
Add the following line to /etc/kamailio/cfg/host_specific_custom.cfg file:
modparam("pv", "varset", "allow_users_and_trunks_behind_same_nat=i:1")
Available values: 1 - enabled; 0 - disabled.
The parameter is disabled by default.

[WMS-14388] - sys: improved audio quality for calls generated by PBX engine (e.g. callbacks) by decreasing priority of codec g729  


[WMS-12208] - sys: fixed an issue in which the feature "Notify by email in case SIP trunk registration status is changed" didn’t work and PBX admin didn’t receive an email notification starting from WMS 5.03 

[WMS-13514] - sys: made some updates to CardDAV sync on macOS:

1) fixed an issue in which not all contacts (only Colleagues) were synced with CardDAV;

2) updated recommended add-ons for Thunderbird Contacts CardDAV sync: “Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV” and "TbSync”

Updated documentation:

[WMS-13803] - wms: fixed an issue of a blank page when user with admin permissions was trying to make import of phonebooks in WMS 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220621.2 Date: 21.06.2022

New Feature

[WMS-14179] - sys: added possibility to customize the maximum number of voicemails per user


  • To extend the limit of voicemails (by default, the maximum number is 100), change the value of following parameter in the /etc/callweaver/voicemail-custom.conf file:
    Where 200 is the desired number of allowed voicemails.
    Note: Maximum value is 9999.


[WMS-12097] sys: allowed using non-ASCII characters in SMS messages sent via Mail2SMS service

[WMS-12963] - sys: improved behaviour in case PBX admin changes user password via WMS (WEB or SIP password), so that all active sessions are dropped and user is automatically logged out

Note: in case of changing SIP password, automatic logout is applied for web Collaboration only

[WMS-14162] - dev: added possibility to modify sound volume (RX and TX gain levels) on FXS r3 media gateways via custom provisioning settings


  • Add the following parameters to [wildixfxs2] section in /rw2/etc/provision.conf file:
    RXgain= -10-10
    TXgain= -10-10
    By default, RX gain is -2 dB, TX gain is 0 dB.


[WMS-14217] - dev: enabled SDES-SRTP for W24FXS r3 by default

[WMS-14238] - wms: security improvements

[WMS-14268] - sys: added “Contact number” field in trunk settings which allows to set custom contact number in SIP trunk configuration


  1. Go to WMS -> Trunks
  2. Choose trunk and click Edit
  3. Go to Advanced settings and find Contact number field
  4. Enter the necessary number and click Save

By default, Contact number field is empty.


[WMS-11237] - col: fixed an issue in which email notification displayed incorrect content of unread message with “$” sign, removing digits after “$” sign and “$” itself

[WMS-12730] - wms: added a pop-up message notifying that using quotes (“”) is not allowed in WMS -> Dialplan -> Set application

[WMS-13945] - sys: fixed an occasional issue in which Call Group member was permanently put on pause, if the user was moved to another PBX in WMS Network

[WMS-14337] - wms: fixed an occasional issue when Call history didn’t work on WP phones if call history records contained non-UTF-8 characters

New Firmwares 

New firmware for W24FXS r3, W04FXS r3 v., WelcomeConsole v. 

[FXX-20] - dev: fixed an issue in which after upgrade to v., FXS r3 devices (W24FXS r3, W04FXS r3) reset their configuration to the default one and their firmware returned to the previous version

[WP-184] - dev: fixed some issues emerging after hanging up a call from DuoLED-BT headset connected to WelcomeConsole:

  • there was no ringtone on an incoming call
  • it was impossible to answer a second incoming call/ retrieve a call from waiting
  • 2-3s audio delay for a caller