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Description: Update to WMS 4.01 Beta version and be the first one to try Wildix features, improvements, fixes.

Update repository: rel40beta

Link for sharing:

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WMS Stable Changelog rel40:

Other changelogs:

For deployment of PBX as a Virtual Machine/ Server HW/ Cloud, follow the link

By default the following tools are installed on the system:

  • mtr-tiny
  • tsql
  • iftop
  • dig
  • iperf
  • sngrep

Heavy/additional tools that are available but not installed automatically:

  • mysql-client
  • htop
  • mc

Important: Remote Support Server IP changes; the following IP ranges are now used by Remote Support server (make sure they don’t collide with your internal network ranges):;;

WARNING: Option DHCP 176 is reserved for VLAN configuration of phones. If your DHCP server provides this option disable it or make sure it contains the right VLAN for the phones. 

Beta Hotfix Version 4.01.43768.12 Date: 18.03.2019


[WMS-6115] - wms: fixed an issue with impossibility to log in to Collaboration due to incorrect HTTP header size 

Beta Version 4.01.43760.10 Date: 15.03.2019


[WMS-5977] - col: fixed an issue when it was impossible to use chats in Collaboration if a message contained wrong XML data


[WMS-5961] - sys: fixed an issue when it was impossible to send DTMF via Collaboration if a call was placed from WP600 pre 2015

[WMS-6018] - sys: fixed an issue in which DaySaver could not accept DTMF tones sent during incoming calls

New Firmware

New firmware for WP480 R3 version, WP490 R3 version, WelcomeConsole version

[WMS-5982] - dev: improved the speed of caching DNS replies for XML browser loading

Beta Version 4.01.43752.10 Date: 13.03.2019

New Feature

[WMS-5895] - sys: voicemail pin code is now requested by default for the USA and Canada

Note: to disable this behavior, add ACL “Can use voicemail without pin code”


[WMS-5952] - sys: improved mobile apps call push notifications delivery in case of multiple SIP registrations

New Firmware

New firmware for W02FXS r3 version, W04FXS r3, W24FXS r2 version

[WMS-5701] - dev: fixed an issue in which Static IP address set before provisioning of W02FXS, W04FXS, W24FXS r3 changed to Default DHCP after restart of provisioned Gateway

Beta Version 4.01.43744.09 Date: 11.03.2019


[WMS-6001] - api: added PBX API to return global history of calls

  • added new API endpoint - GET /api/v1/PBX/CallHistory/
  • current filter allows only filtering by date
  • specific call values can be set via query parameters when making API request
  • also, fields of calls in response can be set in query parameter a fields
  • limitation: available only for admin and not limited by ACL rules

Documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#operation/getPBXCallHistory


[WMS-6065] - wms: removed and disabled remote support for Cloud PBXs (WMS Settings -> Tools and Utilities -> Remote Support)

[WMS-6073] - fixed an issue with high memory usage of PBX engine if EXTCONTACTLOOKUP Dialplan variable was enabled

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