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W-PA is a SIP Public Announcer fully integrated into the Wildix Communication System, ensuring continuity of service. W-PA is used to broadcast emergency messages and communication in large environments such as shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, hospitals. 


  • 10 WATT audio output power
  • PoE
  • Support of multicast and intracom broadcast
  • Support for door bell or relay switch
  • Provisioning and update via WMS interface




  • Two SIP lines, supporting SIP 2.0 (RFC3261)

  • Supports two lines RTSP

  • Switch signal input and output

  • Handsfree talking

  • Default auto answer 

  • Dynamic multicast function

  • Support for Function key interface 

  • Support monophonic active speakers 


  • Narrowband speech codecs: G.711a; Broadband: G.722

  • Half Duplex Echo Cancellation (AEC)

  • DTMF: In-band, out-of-band DTMF (RFC2833) / SIP Info 

Networking/ Protocols

  • PoE 802.3af

  • Support of VLAN

  • Support of SNTP client

  • Support of SRTP

  • Support of QoS: 802.1p/q, DSCP

Physical Specifications

  • 2 RJ45 interfaces: WAN interface 10/100M adaptive, PoE 802.3af class 3: 6.49~12.95W; LAN interface

  • 1 recording output interface: 3.5mm standard audio interface; 15 Ohm impedance

  • 1 way passive speaker interface: Output power: 4Ω, POE / 10W, 12V / 10W,18V / 20W, 24V / 30W; depending on the supply voltage. Wire diameter: 18 AWG or larger. Interface: pluggable terminal block 

  • 1 headset speaker: Output: 32 Ohm 1.2V. Interface: pluggable terminal block

  • 1 DSS key interface (4 lines): Indicator: Output 5.0V 5mA. Interface: pluggable terminal block

  • 1 way microphone input interface: Recommendation: Use an electret condenser microphone. Sensitivity: -38dB. Impedance 2.2 K. Ohm bias voltage 2.2V. Interface: pluggable terminal block

  • 1 short circuit input and output interface (built-in relay): Relay: MAX DC30V/1A, AC125V/0.5A. Interface: pluggable terminal block

  • 2 parallel power input interface: 12-24V/2A DC 1 road for the 5.5mm DC power seat 1 road way 2Pin pluggable terminal block

  • Standby power consumption: DC12V 1.32 W / PoE 1.78W

  • Housing material: aluminum alloy shell; Installation: indoor 

  • Operating temperature: -30~70 °C; Storage: -40~70 °C;; Humidity: 10%-95%

  • Size: 113x83x28mm; weight: 250g