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Jan 18, 2018 07:23

W-AIR Headset Manual - English

The manual describes the features and functionalities of W-AIR Headset and provides the necessary details needed for its proper operation.

Created: December 2017


Before using the Headset


Examine the package for evidence of physical damage prior to opening. If there is a proof of mishandling, report it to your certified Wildix Partner.

Make sure that all the components are present in the shipping package:

W-AIR Headset:

  • 1 x Headset

  • 1 x Charger with multi plug AC adapter

  • 3 x power plugs (UK, USA, EU)

Using the Charger

W-AIR Headset is charged through the use of a charger. The charger is powered by AC supply from 110-240VAC that supplies  5.5VDC at 600mA.

When charging the battery for the first time, it is necessary to leave the Headset in the charger for at least 10 hours before the battery is fully charged, and the Headset is ready for use.

For correct charging, ensure that the room temperature is between 5°C and 25°C / 41°F and 77°F. Do not place the Headset in direct sunlight when charging. If it is turned off when placed in the charger, the Headset automatically turns on.

W-AIR Headset Overview

1 - Microphone

2 - Mute button

3 - Call button

4 - Volume- button

5 - LED Indicator

6 - AUX Function button (Power On)

7 - Volume+ button

8 - Speaker

9 - Charger

Note: There are 2 button combinations that have to be pressed at the same time:

Register - Call, Volume+ and Volume-

Power off - AUX functionVolume+ and Volume-

Charger Overview

1 - Charging pins

2 - Charger connection

LED indicators Overview


LED indication



Short blink followed by long blink

Power Up

Fast short blink, repeated

Incoming call

Fast short blink, repeated

2-nd incoming call, call active, Silent mode on

Single short blink. Notification of call only via audio in HS

2-nd incoming call, call active,

Silent mode off

Single short blink

In call

Long blink

Battery charging

Steady on

Battery charging, full


Long blink followed by short blink

Power Down

Fast, short blink

Low battery

Steady on

Battery charging, low battery

Long blink

Registration failed

Single short blink repeated slow

Idle, out of range


Short blink repeated fast

Registration, ongoing

Long blink

Registration completed

Single short blink repeated slow

Idle, connected


Steady on




Registration of W-AIR Headset

To use your W-AIR Headset, you need to register it to W-AIR Base Station:

Note: in case you have several W-AIR networks (for example, in test environment), the Headset might register to a Base station belonging to another network. In such situation it’s recommended to hold the Headset closer to the Base station you would like to register it to.

  1. Put the Headset in the registration mode by pressing Call, Volume+ and Volume- buttons at the same time for more than 5 seconds. The Headset is in subscription mode when the LED indicator blinks with short blue flashes and voice prompt announces “Registering
  2. The Headset now connects to the Base Station. When the Headset is subscribed, you will hear voice prompt announcing “Headset subscribed

    Note: if the registration fails, the voice prompt will announce “Headset not subscribed”. Before trying to register the Headset again, please check if it is within range of W-AIR Base station and voice prompt announces “Registering”.

  3. To check if the Headset is registered to the Base station, go to W-AIR Base Station web interface -> Extensions. If the registration is successful, the Headset will appear in the list of available extensions with the state SIP Registered@RPN00

Note: refer to W-AIR System Admin Manual for detailed information.

Assigning of W-AIR Headset to a user 

After you registered your Headset to the Base station, you need to assign a user for handling calls:

  1. Go to Collaboration top menu -> Device selection
  2. Expand Device selection list and click + Add device:

  3. Press Call button on your W-AIR Headset to get the pairing code 

    Note: a pairing code always consists of 4 digits.

  4. Enter the code into the field Pairing code

    Note: the code is repeated 3 times. If authentification fails, press Call button one more time to get the new code.

  5.  In case the assignment is completed, the voice prompt will announce "Activated, thank you!"
  6. When the Headset is assigned to the user, it will appear in the list of available devices within few seconds:

Deassignment of W-AIR Headset

To delete the Headset from the list of available devices:

  1. Go to Collaboration top menu -> Device selection
  2. Expand Device selection list and click x near W-AIR HS to delete the Headset
  3. The automatic call to 990 number will be placed and the voice prompt will announce "Deactivated, thank you!"
  4. After you delete the Headset, it will disappear from the list of active devices

W-AIR Headset idle state

When the assignmentis completed, the Headset is in the idle state and ready to handle calls.

In this state you can:

  • Enable/ disable Silent mode:
    • Press Volume+Volume- button to enable/ disable the mode. The voice prompt will announce "Silent mode on/ off"

  • Increase/ decrease ringer volume:
    • Press Volume+Volume- button to increase/ decrease ringer volume

  • Enter Menu mode:

    • Press AUX function button to enter Menu mode

Call Control

Incoming call

When you receive an incoming call, the LED indicator starts blinking with fast short green flashes and you hear a ringer

Answer an incoming call

  • Press Call button to answer an incoming call

Answer a second incoming call

  • Press Call button for 2 seconds to answer a second incoming call and put an active call on hold

Swap between two active calls

  • Press Call button for 2 seconds to swap between two active calls. The voice prompt will announce "Call swaped"

Reject an incoming call

  • Double press Call button to reject an incoming call

Increase/ decrease a call volume

  •  Press Volume+/ Volume- button to increase/ decrease a call volume

Mute/ unmute an incoming call

  • Press Mute button to mute/ unmute the microphone during an active call


Put a call on hold/  Retrieve a call:

  • Press Call button for 2 seconds to put a call on hold/ retrieve a call. The voice prompt will announce "Call unhold"/ "Call retrieved"

End a call

End an active call:

  • Press Call button to end a call

W-AIR Headset Menu mode

How to access the Menu

When the Headset is in the Idle state, a user can enter the Menu to change different settings.

  • Enter the Menu:
    • Press AUX function button to enter the Menu

  • Move to the next Menu option/ move back to the previous option
    • Press Volume+ button to move to the next option

    • Press Volume- button to move back to the previous option

  • Select/ deselect the Menu option:
    • Press AUX function button to select the Menu option

    • Double press AUX function button to deselect the Menu option
  • Exit the Menu:
    • Press AUX function button for 2 seconds to exit the Menu

Menu structure

When you enter the menu, the voice prompt will announce “Silent mode On/ Off” and the LED Indicator will be purple. Now you can navigate through the menu and adjust the settings as preferred.

  • Silent mode: When enabled, the ringer is silenced. Does not affect the stored value of ringer volume

    • On

    • Off

  • Language: Two languages are available on the Headset: English and another language, selectable for a user

    • English

    • Native

  • Registration: Announces the registration to a W-AIR Base station

    • Register

    • Deregister

  • Audio feedback: Choose between beeps or voice prompts (where available) as user feedback. Where no voice prompts are available, beeps will be played and this setting is ignored

    • Voice prompts

    • Beeps

      Note: the menu will always use voice prompts.

  • Tone Protection: Automatic protection against loud noises and protection from too high volume settings with prolonged use of the Headset

    • Off

    • Office

    • Quiet

  • Noise reduction: Enable or disable digital noise reduction

    • On

    • Off

  • Equalizer: Choose between three different equalizer settings:

    • Normal

    • Bass

    • Treble

  • Auto mode: The Headset automatically answers an incoming call when removed from the charger

    • On

    • Off

  • Silent charging: The Headset makes no call indication (neither ringer nor LEDs) while charging

    • On: Only LED indication while charging

    • Headset Deactivated: The Headset is disconnected and can’t receive calls while charging

    • Off: Normal mode with LED indication and audio while charging

Factory reset

To reset the customized settings back to the factory default, press Mute and Call buttons for 5 seconds. After the reset is completed, you will hear a tone signal confirming it.

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