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Aug 21, 2019 14:09

Identity of numbers

The Guide describes explains what is the identity of numbers and how to configure and use the feature.

Supported starting from WMS version 4.01.44215.30

Created: August 2019


Note: The previous configuration (ticket WMS-6527, Changelog stops working after the upgrade to WMS version 4.01.44231.30. Please make the reconfiguration.


The feature allows changing a real user's number and substituting it with a false identity. The configuration can be set up for both internal and external outgoing calls.

Internal calls

When placing an internal call, a real user's extension is replaced with the identity of a false extension. 

Limitations (only for internal calls): 

  • A real user's number instead of identity extension can be displayed when transferring and adding to conferences such calls (a real number is also displayed in CDR-View) 
  • Personal call recordings are not shown in Collaboration (if user has specified his email in Settings -> Personal, the call recording is sent to the email, but it is unavailable in Call History) 
  • A caller cannot see call duration in Collaboration 
  • A caller cannot switch an active device using Incall feature "Continuity" *5 (Service code "Continuity" works) 
  • BLF "Colleague" displays user's identity extension instead of a called number during outgoing calls if the option "View calls" is enabled 

External calls

When placing an external calls, a number is replaced with the identity of a false office number. 

Note: a real number is still recorded in CDR-View.


Step 1. Add extension numbers by creating extra users to use them as identity numbers. Do not use real user extensions for this purpose. 
Step 2. Specify the number(s) in WMS:

  • Go to WMS -> Users -> select a user or multiple users
  • Click Edit preferences -> Settings -> Identities
  • Specify the custom identity number(s) that you've added previously in the field Identities:

Note: If you enter several identity numbers, separate them by commas.

Step 3. Add BLF keys "Identities":

  • Go to Users -> select a user or multiple users
  • Click Edit preferences -> Settings -> Function keys


  • Collaboration -> Settings -> Function keys


Starting from WMS Beta Version 4.01.44289.32, the Identity can be changed via Feature code "Identity" 78 from any Wildix device. 

Consult Feature Codes and Pre answer Services Guide for detailed information.

Currently supported devices: WP4X0, WelcomeConsole. Documentation: Wildix VoIP Phones - User Guide.

  • Press BLF "Identities" on WP4X0 or WelcomeConsole
  • Select the identity from the list of all available identities 
  • The selected identity is indicated on the screen and displayed instead of a real user's number during outgoing calls 

Note: After changing the identity, it is also displayed on W-AIR handsets.

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