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Sep 29, 2021 01:36

How to upgrade Wizyconf PTZ and 4K Cameras

Take the steps described in this Guide to upgrade Wizyconf PTZ Camera in order to activate audio-tracking mode (available starting from Wizyconf App v. 1.2.1) / Wizyconf 4K Camera.

  • Camera Upgrader v. 1.0.5
  • PTZ Camera firmware v. 3.1.71
  • 4K Camera firmware v. 8.4.144

Created: June 2020

Updated: August 2021



  • Windows 10 OS
  • USB 3.0 Type A-Type B hi-quality cable, one meter max length
  • Wildix Wizyconf PTZ Camera/ 4K Camera

Upgrade procedure

  1. Run WildixCameraUpgrader_v1.0.5.exe application:

  2. Connect the PTZ / 4K Camera to the USB 3.0 port on your computer/ laptop

    Important: use your PC's or laptop's USB port. Do not use any USB hubs or extenders!

  3. Wait till the application detects the camera:

  4. Download the PTZ Camera firmware (v 3.1.71) / 4K Camera firmware (v 8.4.144) and click Select File to upload it: 

  5. Click Upgrade button and confirm the upgrade procedure by clicking Yes:

  6. Wait til the application upgrades the PTZ / 4K Camera

    Important: the procedure can take up to 20 minutes. Do not disconnect the camera during the upgrade procedure. It can harm your camera!


  7. When the upgrade is completed, a popup window with a success message is displayed: 

Appendix 1. Troubleshooting

Q: Camera upgrade failed or Application can’t detect the PTZ / 4K Camera


  • Try to use a different USB cable
  • Try to use a different USB3.0 port on your computer
  • Disconnect any unnecessary USB devices from your computer/ laptop
  • Do not use any USB hubs or extenders

Q: I connected the PTZ / 4K Camera, but I see the “Unsupported device connected” message

A: Disconnect all other USB devices and connect only the Wildix PTZ / 4K Camera.

Q: I accidentally disconnected the PTZ Camera during the upgrade procedure 

A: Connect the PTZ Camera back and follow the instructions described above.

Important: this scenario is not applicable to the 4K Camera. Please make sure you do not disconnect it as it can harm the camera!

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