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Oct 19, 2021 09:14

How to send and receive SMS via CLASSOUND

Important: The service is available only for the US/ Canadian Fully Ported Numbers.

This document describes how to configure and exchange SMS messages using CLASSOUND service.

Support starts from WMS v. 5.02.20201015.2.

Created: August 2020

Updated: September 2021



The feature allows exchanging SMS messages with external users via CLASSOUND service. PBX users can initiate communication directly from Collaboration and also use their mobile apps for further SMS exchange. For this purpose, you need to have activated CLASSOUND DID on your PBX and assign it as Office number for those PBX users who need exchanging SMS messages with their customers. External users can send messages to a company number published on a website. 

By default, Wildix provides a package of 500 SMS per each user. SMS can be sent only to American/ Canadian numbers. Once the package is used, a fee will be charged for each sent SMS. You can check the fee on WMP -> Price list -> CLASSOUND.



  • Activated CLASSOUND 

  • Min. supported versions: 
    • WMS: 5.03.20210826.1
    • iOS mobile app: 8.1.45805
    • Android mobile app: 5.02.06
  • Min. license type: UC-Business (only users with UC-Business and UC-Premium licenses can send and receive SMS)
  • CLASSOUND DID configured as Office number for those users who need to exchange SMS messages via CLASSOUND
  • SMS can be sent only to E.164 international format numbers
  • The USA Country Code set in WMS Settings


  • Not supported in WMS Network for users who are moved from PBX A to PBX B or who log in to another PBX from WMS Network (not the one they reside on)
  • Only static members of a Call group are added to a group chat



Starting from WMS version 5.03.20210826.1, the feature is activated by default for PBXs with the USA Country Code. Make sure that you have set the Code in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Language & Region.

Prior to WMS version 5.03.20210826.1, you need to activate it by adding the following line to the config file /rw2/etc/pbx/groupChat.conf: 


Dialplan configuration (optional)

Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan rules and create a procedure "kite-sms".

  • Use CLASSOUND DID as a called number 
  • Add Call group Dialplan application

    Note: All the Call group members should be static and assigned a UC-Business license (or higher) and have CLASSOUND DID as Office number.

You can create a separate Dialplan procedure for managing SMS exchange, but messages can be delivered even without it, because initially the system finds the full match for the CLASSOUND DID (including +) and static Call group members with at least UC-Business license. If at least one user is found, a group chat is automatically created. Otherwise, the system searches users in the LDAP who have the CLASSOUND DID specified as their Office number. 

Incoming SMS 

When an external user sends an SMS message to the company DID number (activated via CLASSOUND service), a group chat is automatically created. It includes PBX users who matched according to the Dialplan procedure or those who match licenses and Office number requirements; the conference title coincides a DID number from which messages are sent:

You can manage it as an ordinary group chat: change the title, add/ remove participants (you can find details in Collaboration User Guide).

Outgoing SMS

To send SMS messages, select a number you want to send a message to and click SMS via CLASSOUND. It can be a contact from your Phonebooks or just an external number.

When you send a message, a group chat is automatically created just as in the case with incoming SMS. You can also modify its title or add other PBX users to the chat.

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