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The Article explains how to perform reset and recovery of WP410 / WP480 (WP480G) / WP490 (WP490G) 2015-2017


Reset procedure of WP410 / WP480 (WP480G) / WP490 (WP490G) 2015-2017

To perform the reset procedure:

  • Press and hold for several seconds the button situated in the center of the Navigation Keys

  • Press OK to confirm

Recovery procedure of WP410 / WP480 (WP480G) / WP490 (WP490G) 2015-2017

  • Download the latest FW for your phone model

Note: FW can be downloaded from the PBX, path to the Firmware files:
WP490G 2017 – /firmwares/wildix2/67.145.7.xx.rom
WP480G 2017 – /firmwares/wildix2/63.145.7.xx.rom
WP490/490G 2015-2016 – /firmwares/wildix2/59.145.6.xx.rom
WP480/480G 2015-2016 – /firmwares/wildix2/55.145.6.xx.rom
WP410 – /firmwares/wildix2/50.145.6.xx.rom

MAKE SURE you download the correct file for your phone!!! If you have doubts, check the latest stable FW for your phone here:

  • On new systems (starting from 2017) TFTP server is turned off by default, so it’s necessary to run the command: 

    /etc/init.d/atftpd restart
  • Rename the file to recovery.rom and upload it to the PBX, folder /srv/tftp/

Note: This procedure does not work for cloud PBXs! it’s necessary to use an external TFTP server or a local PBX.

  • Unplug the power supply
  • Press and hold Transfer key

Note: on some phone models Transfer key is missing; use F1 key.

  • Connect the phone to power supply again; keep the Transfer key pressed while the phone is booting
  • Phone display shows “Resume mode”, press Edit soft key to edit IP, Mask, Gateway (PBX IP or local gateway IP), Tftp (PBX IP); make sure the phone and PBX are in the same network segment

  • Press Burn soft key

Phone downloads the Firmware from the PBX.

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