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Jun 24, 2021 12:31

How to manually upgrade W02PRI 2017

The Article describes how to perform manual upgrade of W02 PRI 2017 including firmware versions 2.0.38.XXX - 42.2.XXX in case a device loses SIP registration and "Configure / Sync device" option is not available.

Provisioning of Wildix devices: Provisioning of Wildix devices Guide

Created: February 2019

Updated: December 2019


Upgrading via single firmware file

Starting from PRI firmware version 44.1.1605 and higher, upgrade is performed via single firmware (binary) file. If you have media gateways with version 42.2.XXX and lower, proceed with the following steps: 

  1. Manually upgrade devices to version 43.1.1264 (steps are described in this Doc)
  2. Provision devices to PBX with WMS version 4.01.44392.36 or 3.88.44343.34 and higher (consult Provisioning of Wildix devices Guide)
  3. Within half an hour, media gateways are automatically updated to the latest firmware version 45.1.1870 

Otherwise, skipping the upgrade to 43.1.1264 can lead to infinite transferring of configuration scripts.


In some cases W01/ 02 PRI 2017 with firmware versions 2.0.38.XXXX - 42.2.XXX lose SIP registration and  "Configure / Sync device" option in WMS -> Devices is not available. 


To avoid the issue, please follow the procedure of manual upgrade of W02PRI 2017:

  1. Go to the web interface of a device
  2. Go to Management -> Firmware Upgrade
  3. Fill in the following fields of Multiple files section:
    • Version: 43.1.1264 
    • Firmware Pack: Dgw
    • Transfer Protocol: select HTTP
    • Host Name: insert PBX IP or domain name
    • Location: remoteupgrade/mgw
  4. Click Apply & Install now to start the firmware upgrade

  5. After the upgrade is completed, perform factory reset
  6. Go to WMS -> Devices -> select the device and delete it
  7. Repeat the provisioning procedure 

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