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Sep 21, 2019 08:54

How to manually upgrade W01/02PRI 2017

The Article describes how to perform manual upgrade of W01/ 02 PRI 2017 including firmware versions 2.0.38.XXX - 42.2.XXX in case a device loses SIP registration and "Configure / Sync device" option is not available.

Provisioning of Wildix devices: Provisioning of Wildix devices Guide

Created: February 2019



In some cases W01/ 02 PRI 2017 with firmware versions 2.0.38.XXX - 42.2.XXX loses SIP registration and  "Configure / Sync device" option in WMS -> Devices is not available. 


To avoid the issue, please follow the procedure of manual upgrade of W01/ 02PRI 2017:

  1. Go to the web interface of a device
  2. Go to Management -> Firmware Upgrade
  3. Fill in the following fields of Multiple files section:
    • Version: 43.1.1264 (the latest one)
    • Firmware Pack: Dgw
    • Transfer Protocol: select HTTP
    • Host Name: insert PBX IP or domain name
    • Location: remoteupgrade/mgw
  4. Click Apply & Install now to start the firmware upgrade

  5. After the upgrade is completed, perform factory reset
  6. Go to WMS -> Devices -> select the device and delete it
  7. Repeat the provisioning procedure 

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