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Feb 22, 2019 04:53

How to implement the parking feature

Call parking feature allows users to place a call on hold and then pick up the call from any extension. Consult the documentation to find out how to implement the feature.

Updated: January 2019



  • Create a new user of type “Park Orbit”:

  • Make sure the following preferences are enabled for the newly created user (click Edit preferences -> Features):
    • Call waiting: enable to be able to park more than one call at a time
    • Call timeout: enable and define the timeout for return from parking

How to park / resume a call

Park a call with Function / BLF key

  • Add  “Park Location” Function key for users who use the parking feature

You can do it via WMS or Collaboration:

Go to Users -> Select a user -> click Edit preferences -> Settings, Function keys:

Go to Collaboration -> Settings -> Function keys:

  • To park / resume a call via Function / BLF key is possible from WP or Collaboration -> Function Keys:

Press the BLF key configured as “Park Location” during a call to park a call / press it again to resume.


Park a call via blind Call Transfer and resume via Call Pickup

It is possible to park a call via Call Transfer and resume a parked call via Call Pick up from any device connected to the Wildix system.

Note: only users with certain permissions can pick up calls; to enable the option, the PBX admin must add ACL ability "Can" - "Call Pickup". Consult ACL rules and Call classes management Guide for details.

Park and Resume via Collaboration:

  • To park a call, perform a blind transfer to Park orbit user:

  • To resume a call, mouse over Park orbit user in your Roster -> click Options button (three dots) -> select Pick up:

Park and Resume from ANY Device connected to Wildix system

Example: Dial 884488 where 88 is Pickup Feature Code and 4488 is “Park orbit” extension.

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